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  1. Hi, I've been using BtSync for a while, long before official Synology packages. When upgrading to 2.0, things went funny and I decided to delete and re-create the share, from scratch. No problem on Android and Windows. Now, how do I add a share to the ARM version ? Please note that : - I only have SSH access to this NAS. It's behind a router at the other side of the country, so I can't access to the HTTP WebUI. - I used to edit the config file in vi, and just copy-paste the secret. - Now in 2.0, the "get secret" option disappeared. I can just get a url. - I can still see the secrets of my old shares. On the new, I can't. TL;DR : how can I convert a url to a secret that I can add to a config file ? Thanks !
  2. The autoupdate said "new : versionning", but this doesn't appear in the change log (this thread's first post), which one is wrong ?
  3. Works on Synology DS 212j with DSM 4.2 EDIT : Since I'm asked some steps, I just downloaded btsync on windows, put it on the NAS with FTP, logged in with SSH, and started the executable... that's it. Just don't forget to open the ports for FTP, SSH and 8888 in the web interface's firewall options. Oh, and the SSH login is root, not your username. In other words, this works fine : wget tar zxvf btsync_arm.tar.gz chmod u+x btsync ./btsync
  4. +1 for the encrypted & read-only secret. This would allow for a nice multi-user setup, which is currently next to impossible to do. @GreatMarko, your argument doesn't hold : File1.rar would be synced back on Client B as File1.txt, not File1.rar !
  5. Hi, First, thanks heaps for Bittorrent Sync. It's lightyears ahead from the competition (sluggish owncloud esp.). Fantastic work ! One single request : please make it possible to change the WebUI's password FROM the WebUI. Some explanations : I want several users to be able to sync files. If I give them a single URL to the WebUI, everybody will be able to see each other's secrets. So, I have 1 btsync instance for each user, on a different port. But the password is still "password", so it's still as unsecure. People can't ssh and change the .config for 2 reasons : Synology's sshd doesn't allow this, and they wouldn't know how. Another (better?) option would be to implement proper multi-user support; but I'm not sure it's in the spirit of btsync, and would be difficult (for instance, if I run btsync as root, any user can see ALL files in the WebUI ! Simply go to Add Folder ...) [EDIT] In fact this would be much better :