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  1. Right now I've got several devices running BT Sync (nearly flawlessly, one might add): 2 Servers (one of them won't be renewed in 3 days, then it's just 1) 1 RPi 1 Home Server (running WS2012E) 2 MacBooks, 1 iMac, I'll add the other machines in a few days I use it to share like everything. With the server and the RPi running 24/7 I can sync files wherever I am whenever I want to. The RPi and the HomeServer are at different locations (~50km), my own Macbook travels with me, the others travel with my family/friends,... I use several different folders, sometimes read-only, sometimes full access,... It's the perfect tool, it just needs some features like sync-only-on-demand and maybe a Web-Interface and of course an iPhone-App. For some reason it's quite slow...I only get download speeds of like 2MB/s right now when I should get 4.4MB/s (which is the speed of my internet connection, the servers is somewhere in the hundreds of mbps)
  2. Thank you guys for saving a linux noob hours of figuring out how to properly create a one-way-one-time-sync (aka download a new file only once). I've got files a pc A and tried to find a solution to let pc B download every new file and then process it. With a rsync sync solution (I guess you could log your downloads and exclude them from downloading again) it would download the file again because it only stays in the folder for about 5 seconds (there's an application permanently watching the sync folder on pc . Looks like BT Sync is my new favorite application!
  3. Ahhh. Yeah. Sorry, I didn't read your first reply properly. My bad. It sounds perfectly reasonable! Very good idea!
  4. Hmm. In your scenario it could take years (until infinity) until User X would have grabbed File Y. Why? Because User Z does not want to turn his PC on in the next year . Of course you could change it to something like "Download a max of 2GB per peer" when you have got a 10GB share and 10 clients. I think it would only make everything more complex. The proper solution would be scheduling (including scheduled speed throttling) and some limits like "Upload max XGB per day" per client.
  5. I'm running BTSync on a quite fast server too (about 500mbps but it's shared) and I usually max out my home connection (35mbps) with lftp and -n 10. Now I get nice speeds most of the time with BTSync, ~4.4MB/s which is my absolute maximum. But the speed drops occasionally, down to 1MB/s, up to 2MB/s, down to 1MB/s and back to 4.4MB/s. I usually don't have that when using lftp.
  6. +1 Would be a very awesome features. I don't want all of my clients sync every single file in some folders. It would be cool if you were just able to right click, select something like "Sync this file..." and from now on this very special file would get synchronized. Perfect for sharing music/videos/photos/whatever. If it's not possible via Finder (might be a problem I guess...) (or Explorer) it would be ok to just have a small interface.