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  1. This will be a tremendously useful feature! The BT Sync client should also be smart about limiting the no. of concurrent callbacks running, to prevent exhausting the computer's memory / disk bandwidth etc.
  2. Get checksum of a file / directory / share Request checksum to be down on a file / directory / share In the history query, reports the file / directory's previous checksums
  3. Without releasing the Sync protocl, making API feature requests is kind of like shooting aimlessly without a target. Anyway, my turn to shoot: RESTful API in the client app e.g.<resource names>/ JSON support in API request / response API versioning via HTTP header API around getting metadata of a share e.g. /api/share/<secret key>/ Getting metadata of a share without sync'ing the share. An analogy using BitTorrent-speak is to view the list of files in a .torrent without starting to download the torrent Query share size, list of files, metadata of individual f