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  1. Working on Buffalo Linkstation Duo (LS-WXL). You need to change the port of the WebUI however, as you will not get any response from 8888. 8080 works fine. You will also need root access to the device of course, more info at http://buffalo.nas-c...Category:LS-WXL > wget http://btsync.s3-website-us-east-1.amazonaws.com/btsync_arm.tar.gz > tar zxvf btsync_arm.tar.gz > chmod u+x btsync > ./btsync --dump-sample-config > config.txt > nano config.txt Change: listen: to listen: > ./btsync you might also have problems with the UPNP port mapping, then j
  2. Alright.. find a solution to some of the problems I am having... But first, the NAT-PMP problem was not my mian concern here, as I was not getting into the web interface, and I have a 100% CPU load. But I have to thank you for point that out, as it was the thing that got me thinking about a solution to my problem The solution to the 100% cpu "bug" is to change port that the WebUI is running on OR open the port (8888) on the Linkstation (PS. you don't have iptables). What I did was to change the port to 8080 and the WebUI works and the load went down to a more managable 0-1% (when nothing is h
  3. Ok, so I ran the debug and all I get is this: [20130326 15:09:38] Loading config file version 1.0.116 [20130326 15:09:39] Got 2 relay ips [20130326 15:09:39] Server ip [20130326 15:09:39] Server ip [20130326 15:09:50] NAT-PMP: Unable to map port with NAT-PMP. [20130326 15:10:39] Got 2 relay ips [20130326 15:10:39] Server ip [20130326 15:10:39] Server ip [20130326 15:11:39] Got 2 relay ips ....... Repeats this every minute Not much to go on there....
  4. Dammit, sorry. Just noticed how to turn on the debug stuff... I will post a log after 15-20min when the program has run for a while...
  5. Hi, I have a problem running BTSync on my Buffalo NAS. I am running firmware 1.64, and have root access to the device. No other modifications has been done to the firmware. The NAS is arm based: > uname -a Linux hostname 3.3.4-88f6281 #2 Mon Dec 10 17:31:41 JST 2012 armv5tel unknown I installed and ran the program like this: > wget http://btsync.s3-website-us-east-1.amazonaws.com/btsync_arm.tar.gz > tar zxvf btsync_arm.tar.gz > chmod u+x btsync > ./btsync Now to my problem. The program runs, but I can't access the webui. When I check top it says that btsync is using close