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  1. No, definitively a lot of "classic" folders where affected. Switched on debug logs right now. Some folders show 0kb size in Sync even if they contain files. All other peers are still on 2.3.2
  2. Hi, I can confirm some major problems with this pushed update. OSX 10.11.3 About half of around 100 Folders (standard and advanced) where recreated in default sync location with (1) added. All custom folder location are lost. After reconnection the original folders sync stalls with all files shown as "to download". How can I help to fix this?
  3. @RomanZ This is indeed confusing. We have been using BtSync for our business to Sync our projects for some time know. We are syncing over 50 folders on up to 10 Devices (Linux, Mac, Windows, Android, iOS) with various logical volumes in different locations. The 1.4 paradigm worked great for us and we are happy to pay for support.... But the default location approach makes it quite complex to manage for us. What ist the benefit of this new pradigm? Are there any downsides of using 1.4 folders in 2.0? Is there a plan for a folder migration tool? Best regards.
  4. Hi, any chance of getting BT sync badges in OS X 10.10 Finder via the just released FinderSync.framework? Best regards, Michael