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  1. Ah, totally missed that thread. Here is the log: I replaced the file paths with their respective sha1 sums as I wasn't comfortable with sharing my directory structure. They should still be uniquely identified. If you need real file paths I'll create a similar share with random data. I noticed that there are a lot of pings and broadcast messages. Should I try disabling every peer discovery option except for the tracker?
  2. I'm not quite sure what you're talking about, but if you simply don't want to have the Web UI served on all network devices, change the "listen" field of "webui" to the IP you want it served on. For me that's either a VPN IP or localhost (with either local access or an Apache reverse proxy for outside access with SSL).
  3. I've noticed BitTorrent Sync has a high CPU usage on my Raspberry Pi. I know that it isn't a powerful device, but the CPU usage is pretty much always above 50%, mostly 80% or more. It sometimes drops to 20% or ~6% for a few seconds, but goes back up pretty soon afterwards. The Pi has only one read only folder with 270MB in ~15k files, but there weren't any changes to the files for a few hours and it is completely synced. I'm running Gentoo (hardfloat) on the Pi; it's not overclocked.
  4. I'm sorry if any of these points have been posted before, but right now I don't have the time to read the whole thread. However, what I'd like to see is: A way to pause synching, doing this for individual folders would be greatSimple scripting for the Linux WebUI (or some other way), i.e. to start and stop the synching if pausing is implemented or to list the folders and their current stateEncrypted storage: Special kind of Read-Only token where the client only gets encrypted files or blocks (blocks would have less information about the files but may be harder to implement). However, the clien