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  1. Any plans to provide versioned url download? Like for 1.2 series:${version}/btsync_${arch}-${version}.tar.gz
  2. I still get corrupted files on other clients if one of the cilents has full hdd.
  3. Same here - files are not syncing, but I'm not sure if error message has anything to do with that.
  4. I've also noticed the problem with renaming. I think in my case it might be connected with NOD32 - I've disabled it and testing if those problems persist.
  5. I am using 1.1.70 on all machines. The only linux machine (that is up 24/7) had a full disk. Other Windows 7 and Windows XP clients were getting corrupted (probably incomplete) files and sometimes even folders were disappearing. Very annoying, but once I figured out the problem, the fever was over
  6. I hope this one lands in alpha soon Managing mount binds is very painful.
  7. I have a use case of about ~100 folders that are shared to ~5 users. Some folders are shared to all users, some are shared only to one. I had the idea to have a global repository of folders symlinked to user specific btsync folder, but currently that's not possible due to symlinks not being followed. Is there any solution without sharing folder one by one or duplicating storage?
  8. Same here, following symlinks is currently the blocker for me to use btsync.
  9. Dropbox has similar:
  10. Hi all, I'm trying to package BitTorrent Sync for NixOS distributions and even though I can solve this issue for NixOS, I'd like to ask for a small improvement for all Linux distributions. Could Bittorrent Sync releases be versioned? That is, every release have a version in tarball name. That would allow downloads to have checksums and distributions to rely on latests "known working release". Cheers, Domen