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  1. Request: a mirror option for the read only shares. I have a situation where I use btsync to update program files that are running during the day, I kill the procccess for an hour in the middle of the night and then start up btsync so tomorrows runs will reflect any changes done during the day. The issue is that sometimes the program 'semi'-locks the files telling the os that they're still being used in some capacity which causes the sync to fail, to prevent this I first force delete the primary db file (which is just a few mb's) and then after that start up btsync. My problem here is that btsync's read-only mode is a currently a one time one way sync instead of a mirror sync, so any delete files stays deleted on the drive that is getting synced unless I actually made any changes to that specific file that day. My wishlist request is that you add a toggle that makes a read only sync into a mirror sync instead which replaces/deletes files untill it becomes a exact mirror, instead of only syncing / replacing the files that have been recently modified.