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  1. my apoligies I ment for Bittorrent Sync to run from Portableapps menu (check out on the flash drive There is already a Bittorrent program, but not Bittorrent Sync. I also use linux most of the time except for work because of the propritary software I use is windows only. The idea is to not leave footprints on the work computer. I haven't burned up a flash drive yet. (running firefox from a flaxhdrive to post this)
  2. I am currently stepping back all my personal information from my work machine and only using apps on protableapps enabled flashdrive, only I still am using dropbox. I love the idea of the bittorrent sync solution. but I would like to see it able to sync my flash drive with my other computers. This whole solution solves two problems. if I never walk back into work again there is nothing to remove from the work computer and if I loose my flash drive I have lost no data. What I see so far is great (have not used it yet) just wanted to add another idea to the wish list.