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  1. If security is your number one priority devise a system that doesn't allow anyone to see others IP addresses! Why would anyone want to share a file using bittorrent sync when their IP address is revealed? Yeah, brilliant idea! Let's make the bunch of computers directly sharing stuff between each other not know any other's IP address! That's genius, why haven't I thought of that? Let's just make them exchange the data through the central server, like Dropbox! Oh, wait...
  2. Seriously, you guys should sue this clueless bunch of clowns into oblivion. The damage to your reputation is already done as they've been quoted by several "prominent" websites. Unless they're all underage that is, which wouldn't surprise me given their lack of ability to grasp the most basic (well documented) technical concepts behind the BitTorrent Sync and cryptography in general. My first reaction after reading just a headline for these "news" was "some loser mistook the hashed secret for an actual secret" and, sure enough, that is exactly the case. However sad, this could well mean the de
  3. It's great that the folder rescan time is now configurable as of 1.1.15 but I'd very much like to see that as a per-folder instead of the global setting. For instance, I wouldn't mind if it rescans the folder stored on my system SSD every 10 minutes as it never goes to sleep anyway and being up to date is a priority there. For my media library stored on external HDD array, on the other hand, I'd set it to rescan not more often than, say, 12 hours as it takes painfully long time to wake the thing up and I don't mind at all being few hours behind with this data.