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  1. I have a really large collection of videos and audios that I share between three computers. This works fine, but there are times when I would like to share JUST one of the subfolders in this collection with a relative and I would like to share it with them in Read Only so they don't mess with my originals. I've read a few threads on nested folders and it seems this is not possible at the time. Is that correct? If so, will this be available in the future? I would imagine this would be useful in a business environment even more so than in my home collection situation. I've used other sync solutions like Wuala and they all have had this ability. I didn't need to share an entire folder with strangers just because I had it shared with some of my computers.
  2. Cool thread. Thanks for sharing that link. I've been using Bittorent Sync to share family photos with my mom and it's made my life sooooo much easier. That's what made me think it might be useful for a family type private facebook.
  3. Once the API is created for this (if there will be one), could Bittorrent sync be used as a backend for a sort of private facebook? I was thinking that when people put their updates into a GUI (or webinterface) the files or changes are put into a folder that then syncs with all the other people in your network using Bittorrent sync. A nice web front-end would make this nice for people used to the facebook look. I would think this would be useful for family type sharing, since having private photos, videos, etc. on Facebook isn't all that great for privacy and person control of your content. Will something like this be possible? If so, this would certainly be a lot easier and less centralized than projects like diaspora.