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  1. If you have a TTM date for the API I would like to know it asap. My humble suggest is that it should be available in a cross-platform way, preferably in C++. If possible with java and dotnet extensions. But I think the best approach would be to have a javascript oriented API also. So, in combination with Socket.IO, Node.JS and Dynamic DNS we can build a fully operational clould shared storage service using our won computers and a browser!!!! Really cool!
  2. Hi How does the sync for big files work? If I have a big xml or database (stand alone) file, will the sync work incrementally, in diffefencial or full mode? I want to know this on the single file level, bits and bytes sync... Are the copies a clone, I mean, do they copy byte by byte or only relevant data. There are files that after updated keep the old or deleted data inside but inaccessible, occupying space, how the sync deals with that? Can you help me ? 10x