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  1. halo comunity, i have the same Problems, already postet on 13.june.2015 but no answer. two Systems running win7 pro 64bit in one Network. many thanks for any help jon
  2. Hello Comunity I use WIN-7 64bit prof, used sync for some years. all ok. some weeks ago sync updated to Version 2. My home-pc work well, the Problem is with my Laptop. Installation seems to be ok. first start, i can choose "link an existing device" or "this is my first sync device" if i choose link an existing device i am offered to link per app or insert key Manual. I tried both Versions, sync try to link but nothing happens. I tried switching off my Firewall but anyway it doesn´t work. I can wait until the next day. Than i tried to use "this is my first sync device" and started "create identity" and also nothing happens. So no way makes me continue. I also tried Installation as administrater many thanks for any help, johannes
  3. I found out the two Clients see each other, in the Register "Devices" there is shown the Partner with the port-number listening. Also in "History" is shown the indecing files of the Directory to sync. But it doesn´t start sync, in "Transfers" is always 0.0 kB/up and down!! Please give me some help. thanks, Johannes
  4. I switched "enable debug logging" and i found the sync.log file in Directory AppData\Roaming\BitTorrentSync\sync.log. My both pc have the OS windows-7 64bit, I tried to upload my log-file but i am not permitted to upload this Kind of file.
  5. Hy, i hope someone can help me. I installed sync-client 1.0.116 on two Systems WIN7-64, marked a Folder on every System to sync and used the same secret for both Folders. Nothing happens. (the two Systems are in the same Network) then I saw the Software have different "Listening port" so i changed 1 in the samw port-number but still nothing happens. What else can i look for? Best thanks for every help. Johannes