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    Sync API wishlist

    Any possibility to subscribe to synchronization events from an external application? I can definitely see use cases in my everyday work where I could trigger some actions when a file is updated.
  2. Hi there Here are some items (most probably already mentioned) for my whishlist : 1. Performance enhancements * In my experience, indexing is very slow and cpu consuming, especially on older hardware (Core 2 Duo 1.6Ghz, not an issue on Core i7) * Network usage is very strange : less than 30kB/s on Gibagit lan, 300kB/s when turning off lan encryption and using lan tcp. I suspect once indexing is finished, this will be better. * Globally, on a scenario where I sync a dozen of folders accross 3 Windows 7 machines, most of the time on Lan or behind symetric Fiber Optic lines, each folder containing between 1 and 150 GB of data accross between 1500 and 85000 files, I would say that Cubby is quite fast, Windows Live Mesh was slow in initial releases, ok in the latest and Bittorrent Sync is ok to slow, especially for initial sync when folders already contain a lot of data * I'm not sure the sharing algorithm chooses the most efficient route: sometimes, it clearly choose to transfer files from computer A to B whereas A is cpu taxed and networked over WIFI and computer C has the same data, is not cpu taxed and is connected over ethernet. 2. Conflict support Even Live Mesh style conflict support is better than nothing (copy of both conflicted versions with the device name appended). 3. Folder share priority Ability to set priority on folders; for the moment, which folders get synchronized first seems arbitrary. 4. A better GUI When indexing uses all cpu (see 1.), GUI is crawling and difficult to use, sometimes does not even react to clicks or keystrokes (buffer lost!). The Shared Folders view is misleading: it seems information is wrong until synchronization is done (e.g. some folders show 0 B in 0 files), resulting in different size and file counts over different devices. The History view has some strange messages, such as "Finished synching with DEVICE", when clearly, there remain some folders to sync with DEVICE. When a lot of activity is logged in the history window, it would be nice if the history does not automatically scroll (refresh) to last item when we have already scrolled down: as of now, it is impossible to read a specific message when other are populated very quickly. I would personnaly prefer to have last items at the bottom. 5. Versioning 6. Growl support on Windows Or did I miss something obvious since it seems to be available on OSX? 7. Peek view and selective retrieval feature When adding a secret, it would be good to have a preview of the sync before accepting it: size / number of files / even better a dump of the folder tree structure. And even better than this, the ability to arbitrary retrieve only one (or a selection of files) from the peek view (obviously in a given directory that will not be a Shared Folder as this is not a sync scenario). 8. Windows Service 9. Android support I know it's already in the pipe. I definitely have more features in mind and some are probably already talked to death elsewhere... what about a proper whishlist system with a voting feature instead of this post? Congratulations for the concept and the software so far: definitely early stage, but you manage to fuel my enthousiasm again on the subject! Edit: I could pinpoint my main performance issue. Indexing crawls when synchronization runs in parallel. If I disconnect the machine from the network (or if I exit all other Bittorent Sync instances on the other machines), then indexing resumes with a good pace. This was reproductible on at least 2 different Windows 7 machine.