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  1. Any possibility to subscribe to synchronization events from an external application? I can definitely see use cases in my everyday work where I could trigger some actions when a file is updated.
  2. Hi there Here are some items (most probably already mentioned) for my whishlist : 1. Performance enhancements * In my experience, indexing is very slow and cpu consuming, especially on older hardware (Core 2 Duo 1.6Ghz, not an issue on Core i7) * Network usage is very strange : less than 30kB/s on Gibagit lan, 300kB/s when turning off lan encryption and using lan tcp. I suspect once indexing is finished, this will be better. * Globally, on a scenario where I sync a dozen of folders accross 3 Windows 7 machines, most of the time on Lan or behind symetric Fiber Optic lines, each folder contain