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  1. Thank you, it seems to work with another directory.
  2. In the first message I wrote I waited for 5 mins. So, actually after 10-15 mins, not more, the files are synced. I was able to see it several times.
  3. Hi! What do you mean? Should I wait for more time? Lmk how I can help you. You know, this seems to work in a few minutes later. In your FAQ it is said there is a known issue for OSX 10.6. So, seems this issue relates to newer OSX versions too?
  4. I have 3 machines, one windows, one mac, one linux. Shared one folder. Fine, works overall. The issue I have is that on Mac (only) there is no reaction on changes to files in the folder. Other clients receive updates only if I restart btsync on my Mac. Log attached (enabled debug, restarted btsync, then added a file to the folder, waited 5 mins). Can you advice? Mac OS X 10.8.3 sync.log.zip