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  1. I can concur, seeing this with Office files and especially Excel. If I save the file to a different location I can then copy/paste the file over the top of the original. But this gets old real quick. This only seems prevalent since the last update.
  2. First, I want to express my gratitude and thanks for building this amazing tool! Side note, before I get into my challenges... I own a data center company in Seattle and if we can donate any server/data center resources towards the project I'd be happy to do so. I'm having a couple challenges that I'm sorting through but I'll start with the issue where sync's doesn't seem to complete. In this scenario, I have 3 nodes all running version 1.0.125 Node 1 - Windows 7 Desktop PC Share 1 - 23.7GB in 33,169 files (this is the original) Node 2 - Windows 2008 Server Share 1 - 21.1GB of the 23.7GB and