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  1. There is probably no need to have all 100 see each other. 50 Sounds like plenty. They would still share to each other.
  2. why not just get a nas device then and plug it in your router?
  3. symbolick links for files and folder seems to work on windows...
  4. Yeah read the second post wrong. Was thinking more in the line. Computer A with folder Pictures and has a secret "blabla" connects to computer B in folder Pictures when I set the secret "blabla" Now If I find more pictures on computer A in a folder Christmas 2012 which I dont want to move around or copy. That I would just add the folder to bittorent sync and use the same secret "blabla" and it would merge this picturres on computer B. So it cant work that way. Pitty because this pictures are 8GB movies
  5. right and it works just fine, just like utorrent. for pcs with no admin user.
  6. im getting this on every single old or just made foldder when i try to use the old secret
  7. well it doesnt work. Selected folder already added error!
  8. oh nice. didnt know this is possible. and im moving files around!
  9. you missing something in your faq. How to use bittorent sync without installing it on windows. "setting.dat"
  10. Anything going on atm? Because I cant get a connection anymore. Not even with direct IP. Not even over lan! Debuginh only shows FFF and synclog some pinging attempts. like Sending broadcast ping for share blablablabla.... It was working fine yesterday and the day before. Today I had trouble getting connection and now its not working anymore at all.
  11. maybe try this in the maintime Id love to be a tester to. I'm mainly working with 3x win7, 1x vists, 1x xp, 3x android network for office documents and pictures.
  12. Syncing and this is all good and I already use it instead of drop box How about the other bittorent feature, playing video and audio files in real time over an internet connection with a video player like VLC. So it would be just like a network shared local hard drive without the need to have everything in 2 copies synced or even completly transfered, and when done it would get deleted as it should have never existed on the other remote computer? I for one use Syncap now for transfering larger video files to my second remote PC and this can take time and eats the duble disk space. Or if anybo
  13. or do this and have them in the same folder.
  14. My wish would be load balancing option just like in Vuze where I can make use of both my 50Mbit lines.
  15. My Setup. Home PC sharing movies on 50/20Mbit (6/2.4MByte/s) Work PC getting this movies on 100/100Mbit (11/11MByte/s) Why wont it upload at last 2 files at the same time? I feel like I'm not reaching my max upload speed of 20Mbit but only like 10-14MBit. I mean I know I'm not reaching it with just one simultaneous uploaded file. Anyhow to fix this? When the work PC shares a video it goes up to 3-4MByte HomePC client is properly installed with Admin privileges Work PC is installed the portable way as a normal user behind whatever firewall and closed ports it has.