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  1. I have not. I will give a few a try. I was thinking along the lines of it being installed as a chrome extension to make it easier for the average user.
  2. I love my chromebook and would love to run a sync on the chromebook's hard drive rather than google drive used by default. Are there any plans to implement something like this?
  3. A trusted IP address list or lock down to a subnet? I would love it where no matter if someone go a hold of my Key could not join the cloud because it is not a listed trusted computer. Possibly restrict by MAC address as well? Be able to kick/ban computers out of the cloud network as well would be appreciated. Have a control feature where you can tell it to use more bandwidth at certain times of day. Have adjustable timer to when sync? If wanna have my computers only sync every 24 hours or something? Designate a tracker on a company intranet and restrict all other trackers. A business level