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  1. Great stuff, hope Sync team opens up more stuff in the future following the community
  2. Great response time, this works! Thank you.
  3. Indeed the same problem. Hope the developers can shed some light into this.
  4. In my setup I have 4 machines, 1x ARM 1x Windows 1x Linux 1x Android All works fine except the Android client. Suppose I updated foo.txt in the Windows machine, it successfully syncs the update to ARM & Linux. But then Android client syncs its old version of foo.txt to all of the machines. I checked the time in the Android phone and it looks good so it can't be some time sync issue. Any idea how I can debug this? P.S: All machines using the latest 1.2.x stable build.
  5. Registered for the API but still didn't receive a key
  6. Looks like 1.1.82 is being served now.
  7. Hi, Since I updated to Windows 8.1 RTM the sync client on Windows unable to find the other clients. I can see in the Linux device log that it finds the Windows machine's IP but the machine doesn't seem to respond. Does anyone have a similar problem? P.S: Disabling Firewall on the Windows device doesn't help. OK the problem was in "Listening Port" was not correctly set somehow, setting a new port fixed the issue.
  8. 1.1.70 was released to fix a bug in Linux WebUI, hence the rest didn't get an update in version number.
  9. Can you please put the latest stable release on Android Play Store too?
  10. Linux x64, this was the only error I see and it stopped after btsync finished indexing the files.
  11. With 1.1.48 getting a lot of these in the sync log: [20130623 18:15:51.108] SyncDb: failed to execute query to save file info - 1
  12. Do we need to write here for android app? I have Galaxy Nexus and multiple Samsung tablets.