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  1. In the Android version of BT Sync, I can choose whether I want the program to download all files to my tablet automatically, or just one at a time. Is there a similar option available in the Windows version for my PC? Thanks.
  2. 2 computers: A & B, both sharing out an entire data drive "A" held the original files and generated key "B" was given the full access key The folder had many sub-folders This configuration has worked great until.... a folder folder was deleted on "B" and it returned within 3 seconds This was repeated on "B" several times This was duplicated on "A" The work-around was deleting it from "A" and "B" at the same time
  3. the same; windows 8 every 1-2 second on both devices. the same after reboot. no effect if I kill sync on other computer.
  4. I have 2 external drives, and both are being accessed 24/7, with the indicator being the flashing drive lights. According to the Transfer tab, nothing is happening.
  5. ok, on the B computer, I added $* to the ignore list, and now it works fine. Thanks for the help.
  6. not C drive, but the entire D and E drives, both external.
  7. Two computers: A & B. A has the source files. B is the backup. I deleted some files and folders in $RECYCLE.BIN directory on B. On B, when I look at the "Transfers" tab, it shows three files starting with a "$", all showing 0.0kB/S. I assume I deleted them wrong. Any suggestions how to fix? or just wait for next version? It doesn't affect the sync'ing process, just annoying. Thanks!