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  1. I've noticed this in log file, for quite a few files, is it something I should worry about? 2014-11-15 14:45:39] TorrentFile: Failed to create empty suffix for file "\\?\F:\video\TV shows\House M.D\season 04\House MD Season 4 Episode 12 - Don't Ever" - 32 [2014-11-15 14:45:39] FC[F4F7]: LoadTorrent: failed to load torrent for file "\\?\F:\video\TV shows\House M.D\season 04\House MD Season 4 Episode 12 - Don't Ever" thx, Tom.
  2. Just chiming in with a +1 on the issue. Log is spammed with indexing of ignored files.
  3. digging up this issue... Have updated a pair of computers to 1.4.99 The exact same issue is still present...
  4. Thanks for the effort & feedback. Looking forward to 1.4, will get back should things change!
  5. win server 2008 R2 SP1 no security software. win7 x86 K9 web protection, to limit internet browsing. btsync uses the other machine's read-only secret. I use the exact same setup at multiple locations. This one location is the only one with this symptom :-/
  6. @ Helen , the upload rate was set to 6000 and I noticed the actuel rate was 1300. I then quit btsync at both ends, and launched btsync speed increase to the transfer rate. After that I went experimenting...and found no solution. SpYro , I had read your experiences with the relay servers and tried toggling use.
  7. 2 windows machines on lan, direct connection (arrows in front of device in devices tab), rate limit local peers = true , download limits = 0, upload limits from 1kB/s up to 1300kB/s are respected properly. Upload limits > 1300kB/s result in an upload speed of 1300kB/s Upload limit = 0 saturates the connection at 11MB/s Does any one have an idea as to what could be going on ? thx, Tom.
  8. +1 for better .syncignore management 10chars.
  9. I think this has been partially addressed with the GUI option called "Restore modified files to original version" , which is a pretty self-explanatory option. You can find it on the "client" side of a read-only sync, in the Folders tab, right click a folder, preferences, it's there right above the secret.
  10. Yes, I am also using the read-only key for this case. When I was setting this up, I usually copied the entire .syncignore file from one machine to the others. In some cases I copied the contents of the file. Both ways would have preserved the file format (CRLF, etc). I never use MS Notepad when editing, always used notepad++
  11. as vadim has said : AppDataAppData\*Your OS is Windows and you should use "\" in the path. That's working for me, I have windows machines on both sides of the sync... what if one side of the sync is Win and the other side is a Linux machine ? Should the paths in .syncignore be different ?
  12. hi o-awesome-o, thanks for your suggestion. Unfortunately changing the .Syncignore to AppDataAppData/*doesn't change anything. Please also take note that, knowing windows, the AppData folder has many subfolders. BTsync seems to be ignoring all folders as instructed, except for the 2 folders mentioned earlier. Also, in between each modification to the .Syncignore file, I'm removing the shared Sync folder at both sides, and I empty the contents of the folder on the destination machine. I then modify the .Syncignore and restart BTsync.
  13. Hi, I've been reading up on several threads / FAQs re the .syncignore file created in the root of a sync-folder. Running 2 windows7 machines, btsync 1.1.82 For this sync, the root is c:\Users\Christiane Both machines have just the one line in their .syncignore : AppDataI can see syncing going on for folders AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\CookiesAppData\Roaming\BitTorrent SyncWhy?
  14. 1) Copy the folder's read-only secret on what would be considered the source machine 2) Remove the folder from Sync on the machine that is going to be put into read-only 3) Add the folder back to Sync using the read-only secret you previously copied on the machine that is going to be put into read-only At this point, the read-only side is going to re-index the previously synched files ?
  15. Hi all, what would be the preferred way of switching a synched folder from full access to read-only ? thx, Tom.
  16. happy to announce : indexing has finished & BTSync is now saturating the WAN connection! <-- Happy camper.
  17. Actually, when I write WAN, I do mean WAN. As in the opposite of LAN. If I were talking about a wireless local network, that would have been WLAN. Both machines are showing a direct connection to each-other (arrow icon in devices tab). I saw in other threads that this indicates NAT and/or UPNP are functioning properly.
  18. indexing is getting close to finishing... 200GB left out of 2.21TB, it has been chewing on this for just about 24 hours. Hopefully the transfer speed will multiply by 10 after indexing... ?
  19. Hi all, I've just installed BT Sync, while I love the idea I'm having a bit of a speed issue. Here's my setup : BTSync is freshly installed on 2 W7 computers. Sync is happening over WAN. I used to sync manually using FTP, so both pc's have an existing fileset. Syncing is mainly for backup purposes, from 1 machine to the other, rarely the other way round. BTsync is currently indexing on both machines, as I speak 330GB in 808 files, the folder actually contains 2.21TB in 5578 files over 435 subfolders. There's a while to go before indexing will be done I guess... Indexing is eating some CPU cycles and memory, but nowhere near saturation. We're talking 30-50%. While indexing is happening a file transfer has started, highest UP speed I've seen is 30kB/s. This is _very_ slow when compared to an FTP transfer which saturates the upstream link at 3.1Mb/s This screenie clearly shows what I mean. In the graph you see BTSync transferring, then the graph ramps up as I start an FTP transfer. So, the question is obvious : why is BTSync not reaching the same speeds as the FTP transfer??? Sorry if this post seems long-winded, I really would like this to work, as BTSync offers set-it & forget-it vs manual FTP syncing. cheers, Tom.