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  1. I'm not trying to argue but trying to understand better. As far as my situation, increasing the time is good enough for now. There still seems to be some gap I'm not making here though. If nothing changes on the RW peer, but does change on the RO peer, currently what would happen? Does the change done on the RO peer get essentially "undone" at the next re-scan, assuming no change was done on the RW peer?
  2. Well, it would know simply because it receives notification from the remote instance of Sync on another computer. If you are syncing with the RO option (and especially with Overwrite enabled) then the only thing Sync needs to watch for is changes reported by the source which would be the other computer. When that other computer's Sync tells this Sync that something change, that's when it writes and downloads. So when it receives notification from the remote Sync that files X, Y, and Z have had changes, then it can locally scan just those files, without having to routinely scan them. Hence
  3. @Helen, Why would sync need to scan anything if the share is RO, *and* the option to overwrite files is on?
  4. OK.. so I see there are some challenges knowing if things changed.. however in my case the folder is a READ-ONLY one. So that means that Sync has no need to scan anything at all. It should just act when it receives updates from other instances. Surely that change can be worked on separately.