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  1. One button - doing a complete check again to verify that source and target folder is 10000% sync. I have many folders that never get synced 100 % ... even pressing keep org Folder structure on R/O shares ... or even deleting complete folder on targets and readd ...
  2. I can confirm the "Don't have permissions to write to selected folder" bug on 1.3.80 ARM Version ... Also - on Windows - transfer speed seems to be calculated x2 ... if i set 500 kbit ... it shows the summary near 1000 kbit transfer speed ...
  3. Running 10 Raspis on RaspBmc with btsync on top - no problems here ...everything works great ...
  4. But it will not really do the sync in an efficient way - because superseeding is still not implemented in btsync : 8(
  5. Problem solved by deleting the complete config folder .... now the id is unique... just want to give the information back here ...
  6. deleteted folder in btsync ... deleted .syncid file in folder on hdd (wasn't there anymore after deleting btsync folder in web gui) ... readded folder .... same problem ...8( Someone in another thread mentioned following : unique identifier (will be generated for each installation, you can also say 'unique peer id' to thisWhere is it stored ... ? I think killing this one will be the solution ....
  7. Hi there ... i have a little problem ... i use BTSync on raspbmc distri (Raspberry Pi). Everything workes fine ... until the day i decided to build a "standard image" vor all Pis with RaspBMC and btsync running as service. i cloned the sd card to the other pis. everything works ... beside one problem : now in "devices" under BTSync 2 of the 4 btsync names are displayed on the same ID ... difficult to sescribe ...8) It switches in devices tab on same place the info of the two devices ... DevA .... 200 GB needed ... one second later ... same colum ... DevB .... 123 GB needed .... it looks like the 2 devices have the same "BT Sync ID" ... but i deleted the .btsync config folder before i created the image ... is something like "sysprep" needed under linux ? IS there a unique BTSync ID stored somewhere ? even more confusing ... the other 2 clones are running without "identity problem" ... 8) oh god - hope someone understands what i mean ...8) Thanks
  8. If using Raspbmc - activate swap file ... helps on limited ram ... there is a touch command .... google it if on raspbmc ...syncing nearly 250.000 files on raspi without problems and running xbmc ...
  9. One month - no new version ... world is going down ...8)
  10. Same thing here ... delete on r/w Client ... resync and creating !sync files from my R only clients on the r/w client... hitting delete 1000 times ... it get's synced to the other clients ... but only after 1000 attempts ...8)
  11. I think there should be implemented much more monitoring - and force resync must be added. It would be suberb to see how much files and size has the org. Folder ... and what is the exact status on the remote pcs. Also it would be a good thing to see how fast are the other PCs are transfering files (up+down). In actual status i use to "readd" the folders from time to time to get a resync done on the remote clients. Also using "touch" to modify the dates of the r/w client files is a solution - or better it is a workarround to get all files synced ... so all files are detected as "new" and a resync to all clients is forced.
  12. We urgently need a "force resync all" and "superseed" mode .... in actual mode btsync seems to be inefficient on low bandwith seed pcs ... it's syncing same blocks from seeder pc to the other pcs ...
  13. It would be so wonderfull if this apt-get thing would work with all this raspberry pi's out there and raspbmc .... 8(
  14. Yes ... Just point the Folder in BTSync location 2 on the second hard drive - clone folder ... BTSync will take care of that ... but 2 TB will take a long time to index ... 8)