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  1. GreatMarko, thanks. I did want to sync some of folder1, just not the large folders. I've tried doing as you said, and the folders are still being indexed and synchronized. Are the paths in the .syncignore file supposed to be relative? Does it matter if the slashes are front or backward? Seems I've tried all variations of these and the folders I'd like to ignore keep syncing. I've tried: E:\Projects\folder1\sf1 E:/Projects/folder1/sf1 E:\Projects\folder1\sf1\* E:\Projects\folder1\sf1\*.* \folder1\sf1\ \folder1\sf1\* None of these seem to be working for me. Once I've tried them, and see that the
  2. Please help me understand what I'm doing wrong. I've got a folder E:\Projects that I'd like to sync between 2 computers. I have 3 subfolders I'd like to have ignored (folder1, folder2, and the secific subfolders inside of them) In windows 7, I open notepad++ and change encoding to UTF-8. Save the file as .SyncIgnore in E:\Projects. I then add 3 lines to .syncignore file: \folder1\sf1 \folder1\sf2 \folder2\sf1 I save this, then start Sync application. I generate a key, and add E:\Projects to shared folders. When I look in the History tab, I see that files from the ignored paths are being adde