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  1. 3 computers - 3 permissions owner - read only - read only owner formatted the computer. How can I restore the connection as owner on the first computer?
  2. For the moment I have a folder C: /TEST - witch is syncing perfect. Problem: I want this directory to make it "D:/TEST", widouth changing the KEY What should I do?, It is possible?
  3. Hello, Synchronization is performed between 2 computers hard enough. I'm shering 5 folders. After I turn on the computer no. 2, it shows one folder, then after 20 minutes folder nr 2 and start syncing, then after another 10-15 min folder No. 3. The sync period bitwens folders is about 30 second, then it weit to apear another folder.
  4. My problem i have BTSync on 2 computers and 1 folder with other 7 sub-folders in it to sync. One of the folder, named "Std", after it- sync's it delete itself in both locations. Luckily it is in .SyncTrash and is not lost.