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  1. I was wondering if I allowed to automate the install of RS on Funtoo linux from a legal aspect I will be sharing these scripts on github If I need to include a notice in my script let me know.
  2. At random times btsync using the command 'btsync --config <path> --nodaemon' will spit out garbled text instead of the normal text. Picture It happens after a very long period of time, anywhere from weeks to months. It does still work normally just text is all messed up. I am never looking at the server when it happens. Server is running Arch Linux.
  3. Since all of my shares are linked with my server I added my server to folder_defaults.known_hosts in the advanced settings, but when I added a folder from URL it doesn't have it set, it only adds it on "Add folder". Is this expected behavior?
  4. I would like to see this added in the near future.
  5. I agree on the progress bar. There should be and option to view pending sync items Priority would be very nice for single files and shares I think you should be able to pause shares but not files.
  6. I am thinking with the small files it has to start syncing every single file it is never able to reach full speed. At least that is true when copying files.
  7. I am wondering what the maximum amount of devices can connect to one secret. In order to test this out I am sharing an empty folder with this secret BEHNKLSYOBA5SPJYXMSAAKQMS2B4PVKXJIf you could leave a comment saying you joined this it would be great. Or if someone had the answer if and what the limit is that would be great.
  8. IPv6 support (Just in case no one mentioned it before)
  9. The one thing I am wondering is will we non-API folks be able to make encrypted secrets?
  10. Technically via BTSync but other then that no
  11. What version are you using I am using 1.2.68 and I don't have said issue and I have a bunch of folders synced with tons of files in them, and my CPU usage doesn't go above 2% while idle. Same with my server running Gentoo Linux. EDIT: while syncing one file it doesn't go over 2% either (receiving the file on windows 7)
  12. What version are you using? Remember 1 MB/s does not equal 1 mb/s. 1 Byte (1 equals 8 bits (8 . So the fastest you can transfer is 12.5 Megabytes or MB mnus any and all overhead, I noticed you said WAN (Wide Area Network) aka the internet, did you mean to say that or did you mean LAN (Local Area Network)?
  13. I can look into doing this since I have a CentOS server I am playing with now. Might take a while since i am still getting use to it but ones I learn the tricks of this distro I will jump on learning on making RPM packages for it.