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  1. Also Bittorrent sync is different than typical things people distribute copyrighted content. People who do that get the exact things they want. BTSync is an all or nothing thing, which means it would be a pretty lousy way of distributing that kind of content because you would end up with lots of space taken up for things you likely wouldn't want. This tool is best used for distributed backup or people sharing their creations among friends. It would just be nice to be able to have the option for protecting your location when you are sharing things. Just because you trust someone to take a mirror of your encrypted backups does not mean you want to go giving them your address. You know what I mean?
  2. I have no issues with other services. TeamSpeak 3 client requires access to both UDP and TCP and both work flawlessly, which leads me to believe this may be an issue with BTSync.
  3. I am unable to check network traffic while going through the VPN because all that is logged is communication to and from my VPN server.
  4. It is OpenVPN, I am not using a proxy I am actually connecting to the VPN so that everything goes through it.
  5. Basically having it run as a system service that is always on, like having RealVNC always running regardless of anyone being logged in or not. I think that would be a great idea. In the meantime you could probably set up a scheduled task to automatically run upon windows bootup, you would have zero control over it but it would be resident.
  6. I just figured it would be a nice addition, "You can take part but you cannot let other people take part" basically.
  7. It appears to be communicating. It seems an intimitant issue because yesterday when I added one of my files to a shared folder it did nothing, no attempt to transfer the file. When I disconnected from the VPN it started to transfer. Not sure what is going on. Right this moment I put a file into the folder that sync's with my linux server and that transfers regardless of being connected to the VPN or not. However that may be due to when I am not connected to the VPN it works normally through straight internet and when I am connected to my VPS I am technically on a lan and it can then communicate with my SERVER but not with everyone else who is synced in. I think that is what is actually happening. It always can transfer to the server but not to external people.
  8. I see theres a laptop that always has an icon of a cloud and the rest all seem to always have arrows in the device area, what are the icons supposed to represent? I cannot find documentation.
  9. No I haven't, I have had some weird issues with "mounting" and it only works with folders I think. I can symlink files or folders if my memory serves me. So it would be really convenient.
  10. I know this, I am talking more of a "If you are a member of this you get access to that" so you want people to have full access to fully participate and share their work etc but without the temptation to go giving other people direct access to do the same as themselves. I am not worried about the data, just that a person could give full access to other people at any time. Do you know what I mean?
  11. It would just be nice to offer like a bonus full access to members of some thing and know that those people cannot go giving access to other people directly.
  12. Yeah I was just thinking of like "VIP Access" folders where people can share their work etc, but not be able to go giving that same full level access out to other people. Thats what I thought a one-time full code would do. I only tested it on the offchance that I was wrong. I was lol. Still, it is useful to securely get a code to people, I just wish they would add that as an added tickbox option to prevent a person from distributing a code to other people to make sure that only the person who you gave the code can possibly access the folder via that original code. But make it optional, so you still can give someone you trust full access by using a one-time code for secure setup initially.
  13. Oh that would make sense then. A tooltip or something to describe the purpose would be very useful. I would like to hope at some point that perhaps a second type of one time code exists where some how it lets someone gain access but not be able to have the full code to give out maybe? Not sure, it may not be possible with the technology the way it is but it is an idea, which I thought was already the case. Thats why I only just now tested it because I thought I knew what was meant by one-time but eventually wanted to test to make sure. But that for sure is useful now you have brought that up.
  14. I just tested a one time code out from my linux VPS to my windows desktop. I thought it was going to be some secure thing where someone can use the code once and now only they can access it and not let anyone else get access... But it seems I was mistaken because after I used the one time code the properties for the folder has the full code right there to be seen and given out to other people without your permission, basically making the one time'ness completely useless it seems. Am I wrong? I know there would be some limited usefulness of having one code but if the person who uses it can then get the full code to distribute isn't that a bit useless? I may be missing something, if so please let me know.
  15. Did I not say a couple of posts ago "No idea why the sync was not working via the VPN though." ? I have no idea what the problem is and the only ignorance is in your post, towards me. I am posting on here to investigate why it isn't working. My god. Do you not know how to be polite? I am a PC technician, I have to deal with networks as well obviously but I have already stated on this thread that I am new to linux and this VPN I have set up is on a remote linux server so it is not the same as me just dealing with two local windows PC's. I swear sometimes due to this thread I feel this forum is full of ignorance infused people who just come on here to rant at people who are asking questions rather than just be polite and either help or don't.
  16. I would prefer a user name too, cracking random codes is one thing, but if you have to do that AND know what a user name is as well? I would feel a lot safer if it was not just a random code. I know the statistics are so ridiculous but still, I feel like right now it is security through obscurity, which is always bad. It just happens that the level of obscurity is very high, sure, but I can't help but feel I would not want to put important and personal info on there with just a single code protecting it. Someone always wins the lottery somewhere. It is only a matter of time of random searching before someone hits on someone's data. It may be "improbable" but it is not "impossible", whereas it is impossible to randomly guess a code for an unknown user name.
  17. I made a test folder on my desktop with only a piece of music I made in it, if someone would like to help me test to see if the sync works to where an external source can get through while I am on my VPN? Read-only code: RELUYBN2NG7VT6W5ELODZ4TC3BH75F3ES
  18. Works flawlessly. Thanks coewar. Yeah that worked fine. No idea why the sync was not working via the VPN though. Its weird.
  19. I am on virgin media in the UK. Apparently they gather all kinds of info about what people are doing, so since I have a VPN for the purposes of securely access my server's internal resources I expanded it to include all my internet because I can. As for sending UDP packets my VPN is based on UDP, aside from that and this BTSync I have nothing else utilizing UDP.
  20. When you have an ISP like mine who like to spy on its customers... It is more secure to exit on to the internet from somewhere else. I know how VPN's work I am PC technician. I have the ports forwarded through an SSH tunnel. I have had some software act weird when I am behind the VPN, which is why I mentioned it here while this thing is still in development.
  21. That will be very cool indeed. I was just thinking more of an intrinsic feature though since its in early development still.
  22. Which is why I said I hope they actually add it... Nothing is guaranteed just because its in a wishlist.
  23. There is no proxy ability, which is why I posted what I posted. Also why bother linking this to that to this to that when a developing program with security in mind could implement such a thing? I hope they do add proxy ability though at some point.