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  1. Thx for your reply, the thing is that there is one folder specific for the server (rw), so when i need to change a sync folder (or add a sync folder) for all the x servers i need to change all the config files and deploy them instead of one file en push them to all the servers at once. But i can live with it ;-)
  2. Hey Guys, Is it possible to split the linux config file in multiple files? I want to have a config file per shared folder. I currently manage 10-20 linux servers. The servers are all connected with btsync. I have created a system that can push scripts to the servers en executed them. But when i need to change one shared folder on one server i just want to push a new file without to touch the other parameters in the config file. Kind regards,
  3. Still the same 100% cpu problem
  4. Guys, The app crashes after x seconds. I am on version 1.1.12 on Linux 3.9.6-200.fc18.x86_64 #1 SMP x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux I created the debug.txt file with the FFFF in it, but when the app crashes there is no debug info in the file (only the FFFF). So when i start btsync i can open the webpage, but when i want to refresh the app is already crashed. I already resynced the whole sync folder, with no luck... Edit: just did a resync again (deleted te .sync folder) and everything is working fine.. but for how long. Edit2: and now btsync is using 100% transfers or indexing in progress
  5. How do you enable https? if i change the port from 8888 to 443 nothing happens
  6. Thanks again. Normal operation. Check
  7. Very useful! This should be in the (unofficial) FAQ Is this realy necessary: "Unsolicited packets must be able to traverse your firewall from your port 20001 to Peer's port 20002" because i only open outgoing port 3000 if i remember correctly. This mean that you need to open outgoing port for every peer his listening port?
  8. Is there blackberry support planned? i know it is a dying platform, but there are a lot of companies that are using BB devices only.
  9. 1) i think so yes. 2) interesting question for restrictive firewalls like mine right now i have outbound port 3000 open for all the btsync clients 3) did you mean you change your listening port to 3000 of all your clients, if so this isn't possible. Every client need his own unique incomming port in the lan, besides you can only port foreward one port to one client. port forewarding is a one to one relation. There is one thing wrong with your setup: ANY external IP on 42816 can talk to any internal ip on 42816 has to be: ANY external IP on 42816 can talk to your btsync client ip with the listening port on 42816. (firewall rule) AND you need to create a port forewarding rule (look it op if you don't know what portforewarding means) You can subtitute "any external IP" by all your known public ip's (like work, ...) But like i said before, this port forewarding stuff is only needed when you want to create a direct connection.
  10. i had a btsync running (132) on a Intel® Pentium® CPU P6000 @ 1.87GHz with freebsd (pfsense) and it takes 20-24% CPU when idle, way too much for a firewall Compared to my NAS Intel® Core2 CPU 4300 @ 1.80GHz also freebsd (freenas) it takes 2 - 6% when idle On my windows machines (core i5) it takes 0.4 - 1%
  11. Running for a couple of days now without any problem. thanks again:)
  12. Hey Yottabit, You were right, 1 faulty memory module! Just did a memory upgrade and system upgrade to p2. Problem should be resolved. thx for the hint.