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  1. Remove the trailing comma. should be "use_sync_trash" : true The built in parser expects another key:value pair when it sees a comma.
  2. Just to be sure, I tested this. I set up inotifywait on a BitTorrent Sync directory, then moved a file in. inotifywait returned immediately, while it took 10 seconds for Btsync to start the sync. I know this is expected behavior from this post. I have worked on file sync programs before, and this is typical. This is a settling time to allow disk activity to halt before beginning sync. My use case is a bit extreme as far as what I am expecting the program to do, but so far the only hold-up is the 10 second wait.
  3. Yes, but right now I am running on embedded processors and did not want to task the CPU too much. I could have several directories running at once. I am assuming that BitTorrent Sync uses inotify on linux so that should not be too heavy.
  4. I am looking into using BitTorrent Sync as a communication layer between remote processes. This communication layer will create very small files once and not modify them after that. I have a system running right now but since the sync starts 10 seconds after changes are detected, it is always living in the past. This communication requires that the changes be propagated as soon as possible. Is the delay between changes detected and sync started configurable? I have looked at the forums, guide and the FAQs and have not found where it could be configured. Any help would be greatly appreciated.