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  1. I can't start a new thread either (used to be able to) That aside, I'm having a problem where not all of the devices are being displayed in BTS. I have a desktop at home that all of my laptops recognize, and my desktop displays all of the laptops as devices. Things ultimately sync fine, but if Laptop A adds a file, Laptop B says "added by remote peer", but then syncs the file via the desktop at home (which is kind of silly when I have A and B sitting right next to each other). It's weird that everything has to be mediated by that desktop... doesn't seem right to me. EDIT: BTS 1.1.69, 3 of the computers are Mac (2 OSX 10.8 [including desktop], 1 OSX 10.6), and 1 computer is running Windows 7.
  2. I don't seem to be having the issues anymore. I guess some of the version updates/ bug fixes took care of the problem that I was having.
  3. If you compress the log files to a .zip, the file size will be reduced drastically. On OSX, the simple right-click -->> "compress" reduced a log file from 16.5 MB to 516 KB.
  4. Sorry for the long OP. I've sent kos some logs, so hopefully those help. Also, the version I was using before upgrading to 1.1.127 was 1.0.116.
  5. As others, I love BTS. Thanks so much! Also I'm glad to see the new changes made in the recent patch. However, a new problem has started occurring for me once I upgraded from 1.0.X to 1.1.27. Every day I make changes to 98 files, which grow by ~3-5 KB a day. These changes are made on one computer, and changes are only made while that computer does not have internet access (no connection at the remote field site where data is downloaded, which updates the 98 files). When I return to a location with internet access, the files sync almost immediately... or so it would seem. There are 5 computers involved, and all of the computers are in the same general area, but are in different buildings (the buildings are 30 yards apart, but are not on the same local network). The computer I take into the field is a PC (call it Field PC), and is the computer that downloads the data and updates the files. In the same building as Field PC, is another PC, call it Lab PC. In a nearby building are 3 computers w/ OSX. The 3 macs receive the sync'd files just fine. However, the Lab PC ends up with a few of the files remaining as !.sync. For example, say the file is Test.csv. After the sync is complete, I see the Test.csv file, but I also see a Test.csv.!sync file. Sometimes the post-sync Test.csv file is full-sized, and sometimes it is about 3-5KB smaller than it should be. Oddly, in either case (full or too small), Test.csv is apparently corrupted or missing some sort of information. It is difficult to tell what exactly is missing from Test.csv, b/c the extension of this file is actually ".icd", and is a data format for proprietary software (iChart by NexSens). So the sync works for the macs that aren't on the LAN, but it doesn't work for the other PC that is on the LAN. If I make extra copies of the 98 files, delete the originals, then paste them back in on Lab PC, the sync seems to work. I tend to do this delete-copy/paste-sync more slowly... ~30 files at a time, rather than the 98 that occurs naturally when I return from the field. Right now the 98 files are each about 30 KB. Maybe this is a problem only when files are overwritten, or only when syncing over the LAN. I cannot tell what exactly is going on here. I didn't have the problem before the new version of BTS (I'd gone through this whole routine once a day for about 55 days in a row w/o issue). I have log files for Lab PC (~16MB), Field PC (~21MB), and for one of my mac computers (~59MB). I logged in debug mode for about an hour (?), which was necessary to capture the entire process. The problem was reproduced during this logging, but obviously the files are too large to attach to the forum. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  6. A couple days ago I awoke one of my computers from a week-long slumber (it had been turned off while I was moving). While the computer was sleeping, I had been editing the contents of the Sync'd folder on other computers (i.e., creating files, saving changes to files, etc.). When my computer awoke, about 90% of the folder contents (subfolders, files, etc.) were deleted on all 4 of the computers to which the folder was Sync'd. I had all of my stuff backed up in multiple locations, plus BitTorrent Sync keeps deleted files in the .SyncTrash folder. So all of my stuff was recovered. What gives? Why didn't the newly-awoken computer simply have the new files added to it? I've been using Syncing programs for years now (from LiveSync to LiveMesh to DropBox to Cubby, now BTS), and I've never had this problem before. I did not delete these folders myself, not even on 1 of the computers. Is this a known Bug, or is there a weird setting I need to adjust?
  7. Mountain Lion (OSX 10.8.3). My other two computers (iMac at home and MacBookPro that is usually asleep) run Snow Leopard (10.6.?). EDIT: Snow Leopard (OSX 10.6.8)
  8. I thought this problem had been taken care of, but I just had to restart BTS on my laptop again. I was at work. It retained the unique Port that I had previously set. I have no clue why it didn't recognize the other machines.
  9. 1) After I manually set the port on my MBPr (to something different than my iMac and other MBP, the computers I have at home), all issues appear resolved. I just woke up my MBPr from a full night's sleep, and it recognized the other computers in about 2 seconds!! 2) I have not restarted my mac yet ... ( waiting for restart ) ... OK, I just restarted my MbPr. The port is still at the number to which I manually set it. In BTS, it immediately recognized the other computers.
  10. I got the logs, but 1 was ~140MB, and the other was ~170MB. Too big to email, so I tried using the "send feedback + send logs" approach to get them to you. Yeah, I'm sure that easy for you to find... ha. Sorry, but I just couldn't email those giant files. That aside, I did some experimenting. Basically whenever my mac laptop (that I take to work and back home every day) went to sleep, it would lose track of the other devices (in BTS) when it woke up. I noticed that my iMac and my MacbookPro (retina, if it matters), were listening on the same port. I changed the MBPr's port to 1+ the iMac's port, and the problem seems to be resolved. Isn't the listening port supposed to be randomly generated? What are the odds.....
  11. I am using bit torrent sync to sync a folder on 3 macs and 2 pc's. I do most of my work on 1 of my macs, the other 2 macs sleep during most of the day, and my 2 pc's are always awake. I regularly notice that when I open BT Sync on my Mac that I've been working on all day, it doesn't list any devices. When I open BT Sync on the PC right next to me, it lists the 2nd PC as a connected device, but nothing else (the two other macs are asleep, so they shouldn't be listed). So my mac that I'm working on doesn't notice the PC's, and the PC's recognize each other, but not the mac I'm working on. If I restart BT Sync on my work mac, then the 3 "awake" computers recognize each other, and the files begin to sync. When I go home, I wake up one of my macs that has been asleep. It doesn't see the other computers. I'll open up my work mac laptop that I've been using all day, and sometimes it doesn't notice the other computers either. To fix the issue, I have to restart BT Sync on *both* macs, otherwise neither mac recognizes any other devices (sometimes restarting one mac will get it working on that computer, but often times not the case). This is super bizzarre. I think it has something to do with BT Sync getting d/c'd when the mac goes to sleep, but I'm not sure. Please help! It would be highly impractical for me to have to restart my BT Sync on all of the computers every time I wanted to sync a file! Thanks in advance.