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  1. Yeah, this software is definitelly not intuitive to use. I followed instructions, and it actually deleted my "slave" copy file. Phhhh! Why this negative selection? Say I have 100 files in a directory, but I want to sync only 1. That means that I have to select 99 files. Isn't just easier to select one file!!!
  2. OK, so it means that if I put Read/Write secret on "test-2" than "test-2" will become slave, and if I put only Read secret on "test-1" it will become master. Practically, only "test-2" will be always updated after changes in "test-1", but "test-1" will never be updated by BitTorrent Sync. At least I want my "test-1" to be master.
  3. OK, thanks. So, is this how it works: - Go to folder "test-1" on computer A, get a secret, - Go to folder "test-2" on computer B, put a secret from "test-1", Now BitTorrent Sync on computer B will sync "test-2" with "test-1". Questions are: - is "test-1" now master, or BT Sync simply updates the last changed one, - I just want to update a single file, not a whole folder, how can I prevent undesirable updating?
  4. I need to syncronise a folder on computer A with similar folder on computer B. Great, I included the first folder, one on the computer A, got the secret etc. and went to the computer B and added the computer A folder. Nice, but there is no option to tell BitTorrent Sync to connect these two folders. Practically, as far as I can see BitTorrent Sync is synchronising a choosen folder with a blue younder. How do I tell BitTorrent Sync which two folders to synchronise with each other?