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  1. A schedule/calendar feature for an enabling the Sync ... (similar to MS Task Scheduler) ie. If you want to have the client be used as a backup copy ... you could disable the sync by a schedule . hence the files would not be updated while it's offline. This way if it was only active for say 2hours each day (assuming you could do a complete sync within that time frame) You would in effect have a daily backup on that PC. sorry I went back and saw this was already suggested....
  2. There is no refresh ... on folders. I deleted some files on the PC side and they are still listed on the iPhone app. all I can do it cancel with a swipe. no ability to delete the listing. these are orphans forever?
  3. When I first setup a sync between two computer folders I selected the secret key that was generated, not thinking my intentions through. I then decided that it would be better if I made the target computer's folder R/O, so I went in and modified the secret key to the R/O key. Because the source folder contains thousands of files, and gigabytes of data I don't think even half of it was transferred before I made this change. So what state is my target file structure in? is it partially full access & R/O ? of did it flag everything R/O after my change?