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  1. From time now (at least 1.0.134 and up to 1.1.27), folders created with btsync does not get correct permission on Linux. All new folders get permission like this : user running btsync : rwx groups : rx can you fix this and honor the inheritance of ACL. For example, with 2 hosts ( A and B ), the created folder's on A : ACL are OK (of course) and are these : Host A : ------------------------------------- # file: btshare/test # owner: roms # group: admins # flags: -s- user::rwx group::rwx group:btsync:rwx group:admins:rwx group:g_test:rwx mask::rwx other::--- default:user::rwx default:group::rwx
  2. For a workaround in "entreprise", we can sync first some directory then we can apply ACL using setfacl utility on Linux and apply groups permissions on folders. Folders in the applied ACL will get the same groups rights of the parent folder. Finally, we can make a cron job to re-apply ACL once a day (if need). That is what I will do and I will test on 2-3 shared folders over samba.