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  1. I did find a partial fix, if you click the Devices Tab, it shows a countdown on total file size remaining. If you click the little "i" to the right of it, it shows a queue listing which files are remaining.
  2. I would love to see added to the panel a percentage of how much of the total contents of a folder that the computer has synced. Reading the History is not very helpful. example: If my original folder with the complete content has 1.2 gb across 12 files, and I create a folder on another computer and share the secret with it, it would be really cool if it could display a small bar with the percentage of total files synced. Cheers, seems a heck of a lot more stable than the last time I used it. UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE I take it back, I just happened to look in the Devices Tab, and it actuall
  3. It did it to me too. Was running 1.0.134, have uninstalled it until it leaves Alpha, though with the problems I have seen perhaps it needs to stay in Beta? 8 )
  4. Does anyone create hashes from the file and then compare the hashes between the files to see if they are identical? Or is this something that is not possible to check in the OS? Just curious.
  5. No, I control both systems and they are in fact in the same room. One is the computer I use as the Fileserver that I just manage all existing files and also run the media server from. The other system is where I add new files into the synced folder. At no time do I delete files from either system. Basically old youtube clips, korean dramas, old country, abba and motown music videos, movies and tv shows I rip and manage for my dad and mom to watch. The files go into the folder and then get synced to the fileserver so I don't have to shut it down. Then I started noticing discrepancies betwe
  6. I'll wait till the next memory update since sync just locks up after a couple minutes on .134, then I'll see if it still randomly deletes files and send you any logs. That (random deletes when I never deleted anything) was VERY unnerving behavior.
  7. What if I never deleted anything but files are moved into these trash folders? Main reason I stopped running the program. Why would files show up here if I never deleted anything?
  8. Yah, i decided to uninstall sync, noticed that I was missing random files on both computers that were syncing folders.. trying to repair the damage, but I think I will just hold off till sync isn't in alpha anymore. I expected some bugs, just not wholesale random deletions across many folders. Keeping my fingers crossed for you guys but going back to syncback pro till later.
  9. Mine does the same exact thing, typically uses 950,000KB within a minute of launch, then a couple minutes after that it just stops responding. version .134 and not nearly as many computers as this guy, I've got 4 computers syncing to the one where sync freezes. I have around 100,000 files but not nearly as many as this guy. You all REALLY REALLY need to push out something, anything to knock down the memory use, or barring that at least not locking up the sync within a couple minutes.
  10. Did I misunderstand this last, is there a 32 and 64-bit version of the SyncApp? I only saw one download option for the SyncApp but maybve I missed it? Or were you talking about the OS? Regardless, as soon as I run it on one machine, it ramps up to about 1 gig of ram, then after a couple minutes grinds to a halt and doesn't do anything, hasn't killed the whole system yet.
  11. I do, seems to be (at least in my case) that memory problem, as soon as I start it it ramps right up to about 900,00KB and after a minute or so it just grinds to a halt.
  12. If you can't (or won't) talk with your companies IT department to get them to work with you on forwarding your connection then there may be a good reason not to sync a folder from home with a folder behind the company firewall. I work for an Army Contractor who locks down most access to the internet. I am frankly surprised that I can even access any websites at all from work, but that being said, IT at your company might not react favorably at all. The company I work for would 95% likely fire me if they found me forwarding connections and/or syncing folders between home and the workplace. Heh
  13. I have version 1.0.116 installed with automatic update selected. I noticed that 1.0.134 is listed as the current client version. I clicked Check Now and it said it was up-to-date. Hmmm.
  14. Request: Way to filter History, if nothing more than a way to display each different computer or device and hide the others. I have three computers using sync right now and sometimes I am trying to see what is going on on one computer, while I am doing that a whole bunch of stuff from the others happens and it breaks up the one I want to see.
  15. OS Windows 7, 8GB of memory, AMD Turion II Neo N40L Dual-Core Processor 1.5GHz My main computer that I use to sync things from all the other computers is at about 850,000KB to 980,00KB normal usage. Most files in any folder is about 65,000. Seems like I am having to restart Sync every half hour or so, it just starts giving me the "Not Responding" header on the window when I click in it. So what is the most RAM you guys/gals have seen? Love the program but man, I wish they would release a fix for the memory problem if nothing else.
  16. Yep, once the heavy task finished it got right on the other ones, both the external network drive and the internal drive jobs all synced up. Cool.
  17. Hmm, I did add a couple of other small folders, both of which were on internal drives in separate computers and that seems to be pending the completion of the initial large operation. Once it finishes (ugg, laptop IO motherboard bus is way slower than the desktop) I'll see if it picks up the other jobs. Only about 1,200 files to go. Thanks again. If it works correctly I will definately be in love with this software. Cheers!
  18. Thanks for the info yottabit, Waiting still.. one question.. does sync only do one thing at a time? In other words if I set up 3 folders and it is still busy with the 1st, will it not sync/index the others until it finishes the others in order?
  19. Set up sync on two computers, on the 1st I have a folder on an internal drive: E:\MOVIES On the 2nd computer on the same home network, I have an external GoFlex Home Drive: \\GOFLEX-HOME\GoFlex Home Public\MOVIES After more than 10 minutes they still have not begun syncing. I have made sure the key is the same. Any suggestions? PS I have another folder indexing, would this prevent syncing of another folder?