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  1. That is exactly what I did, and I will fix it right away. Thanks for your help.
  2. Just installed btsync on two laptops, both running Ubuntu 12.04. Created a ~/btsync directory, put the btsync executable in each, ran ./btsync. Made a secret, put the secret in on the other laptop. The WebUI showed that the folders on the two laptops were recognized. I copied some files into the ~/btsync directory, it sync'd up. As easy and straighforward as I could hope for. Cool. Not too long after, though, the webui showed that it was 'indexing', and the computer became very slow. 'top' showed that several instances of btsync were very very busy. The hard drive light was on constantly. The webui showed that it was still indexing, and that it had indexed hundreds of thousands of files. WHAT!!?? I only put a few hundred files into the ~/btsync folder - is it indexing my entire hard drive? If so, why? Whatever it's doing, it's really reducing the usabilty of the computer, to the point where I finally killed the btsync daemon. How can I change this behavior? Can I tell it to just index the ~/btsync folder? Why is it indexing everything? (it makes me just a little bit paranoid, a daemon with network access could share all my files with the world and I wouldn't know... )