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  1. The program does not run the second copy. Also, in my opinion, a second copy must have another setting of a network port. Loopback interface is not internet. I can set option lan_encrypt_data to false. Thank You. I know that these programs exist. Just seemed to me somewhat artificial restriction on the use of the same secret in two different locations on the same computer.
  2. Hello! Thanks for a great app! I would like to be able to synchronize two folders on one computer. It is necessary to back up to a local network-attached storage mapped as a network drive. I added a folder and tried to specify The secret, already existing on this computer, but the program is not allow it. Then I tried to use read only secret and predefined host via the loopback interface. It did not work. In the tab "Devices" line is not displayed and synchronization does not start. I think that there should be no difference, I connects to another computer or to yourself via loopback interface? Thank You!