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  1. In previous thread I saw that btsync will detect the .SyncID. Doesn't it work?
  2. I have 2 linux and one pc, using the latest BitTorrent Sync 1.0.130. Linux_A share read only keys to Linux_B and Windows_C. In web gui of Linux_A and Windows_C both display Linux_B is uploading something. Linux B ↑ 455.0 kB But in the web ui of Linux_B shows nothing. Linux A Synced on 05/09/13 17:04:25 The uploading status always be there, sometimes the upload size will change, but still there. I use .SyngIgnore to ignore two folders and set to A, B, C correctly. Does .SyngIgnore will be the problem? Please help.
  3. I think the url should be
  4. There are two devices, A and B. A share a folder with read-only key to B. And B don't want to sync files in a specific folder from A. I add the path to .SyncIgnore on B. Pictures/* But B still syncing all the files from A's Pictures folder. Did I do something wrong? I can't add this path to .SyncIgnore in A because I don't have the permission.
  5. Previously I use Dropbox on my Linux, and it support symlinks.
  6. I'd love to have this feature. I can create file links to a single folder and just sync this folder rather than multiple folders.
  7. The link in the download page is still 1.0.116, will it update?
  8. For example, I sync web files between servers and I need to keep some directory are writable.
  9. Is it possible to keep the same owner and permission after sync to another linux? Currently, it will change the owner to whom execute the btsync and change the permission to 754. ========= Sorry, I just saw another thread has discussed this issue. The admin can remove this post.