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  1. I do agree. However cryptographically correct those who say it is not necessary may be, I am a supporter of the lock/unlock feature. I think even Steve was coming round to that way of thinking in the end!
  2. OK... sounds like quite a challenge. Still somebody wins the lottery most weekends (or even just now and then) so without a second factor it is quite possible (however unlikely) that somebody will find my data (even if they were looking for something else)..... right? For those who wish, would it not be a good idea to allow/require the use of some second factor?
  3. Maybe I am missing something but can someone not just guess shared secrets? OK - they are random 32 character strings but if I start guessing at random I suspect that before too long I will hit one that is used by somebody. So whilst it might be hard (impractical) for me to guess a particular person's folder code surely it is quite possible to land some data that I should not be intended to see.....