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  1. I guess bt sync calculates hashes, but why is it so slow ? Aren't there faster methods to compule a hash ? I know subtitle downloaders use a fast hash methods, which might only read some bytes and use the file size as a hash parameter to avoid hash collisions. Anyway, this is a downer, I'm sure bt sync could do better than this, I'm sure there is something badly done underneath. Now bittorrent seems completely stuck at a small wav file, it doesn't index it or transfer it. Should I use syncthing instead ?
  2. having the same issue, it's stuck on indexing for some weird reason. I've tried removing files to do it progressively, did not help. moving to sync thing anyway.
  3. Bittorrent Sync is advertising that it's "Truly Private". Then why can't just share a folder by using a text key ? How can I be expected to trust bittorrent is not keeping a copy of those keys ? Or is there a button I can't find ?
  4. I've thought about a decentralized discussion system for a long time now... I've seen email already exists, But i'm more interested in a discussion system, like reddit or a simple forum. One could use text files instead of a database to sync threads, and also prevent people from removing posts by archiving them... Though I guess it would be hard to protect posts from being edited. Is anyone at bittorrent (or other) thinking about that kind of tech ?