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  1. Assuming a 164 bit number. It's roughly equivalent to finding one atom out of all the atoms that make up the earth. (numbers are for scale, not complete accuracy) It would take one person a thousand years to calculate the same number of hashes as there are atoms in a grain of sand. It would take a million people 1 day to calculate the same number of hashes as 1 grain of sand equivalent. It those million upgraded their systems constantly it would take decades to calculate hashes equal to the number of atoms in a handful of sand. If you expand this out to everyone on the planet after decades yo
  2. This is outside the normal sync devices mode but a 'sneakernet' mode would be nice. Only sync files that are on the local lan computers and not on the remote lan computers. Then when the phone is moves to the remote lan it would sync the files to the remote lan. For example, small files have no trouble syncing across the internet but if you suddenly got a large iso or video file it can clog the connection. This would sync the file to a phone and then when you went from work to home it would then sync the file to the home computer and then remove the file from the phone.
  3. Truecrypt by default doesn't update time stamps. There's and option in truecrypts preferences to turn this off.