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  1. Well, I started Resilio, and used "Enter a key or link" to add some folders of existing 1.4 shares. Unfortunately, it's not working - it doesn't seem to realize that these are existing shares with existing peers already. It doesn't see the peers and they can't see me. Is there something special I need to do, to get Resilio Sync Home to cooperate with peers running 1.4.111? >edit< Never mind, I uninstalled and reinstalled Resilio and tried again, and now it seems to be working. Huh.
  2. OK. But the new version, using existing shares, will still be able to sync with nodes still running 1.4.111 until I get a chance to upgrade them all, right?
  3. Windows 10. Actually I'm still unsuccessfully trying to get it to upgrade from BTS 1.4.111 to Resilio Sync, but I do want to make sure I can downgrade it again if I need to. Not sure if this is the correct instructions, as it's pretty old:
  4. Thanks, this is very helpful. How do I upgrade from BitTorrent Sync 1.4.111 to Resilio Sync? I read the forums and it sounded like an install of Resilio would automatically upgrade BitTorrent Sync 1.4.111, so I downloaded your installer - but when I ran it, it just installed Resilio on its own, as well as BitTorrent Sync 1.4.111. How do I get it to do the upgrade, or move the settings and existing folders over? I found this instruction page on upgrading which says it should take care of it automatically, but if not, I could just copy the settings over. I did this, but it made no difference - Resilio still started up fresh, knowing nothing about my previous shares. Thanks.
  5. Looks like the links to the downgrade guide are invalid. Can you post an update to the current location?
  6. I've used BitTorrent Sync 1.4.111 on my family network for years, with some extremely large shares. I am considering upgrading to Resilio Sync Free. But I haven't been able to find a clear description of the features this version offers, especially as compared to the old BitTorrent Sync. It looks like the pro versions of Resilio offer some interesting features that may be worthwhile to upgrade to if I find the base product works well, but before I go to the great deal of time and trouble to switch over, I need to make sure I won't run into some artificial limitation like number of shares or size of file. Also, can Resilio Sync work with shares with BitTorrent Sync - that is, other nodes which have not yet been upgraded? Or does everything have to be upgraded all at once for it to work? Thanks.
  7. I didn't realize the log files compressed so well. Still not small enough to upload but I emailed them to you.
  8. I'm happy to help debug as I have in the past, and I already have collected some log files. I just don't know how to get them to you. In the past I just set up a BTS share with you but with BTS not working I don't think that will work this time; they are too big to email, and your forum software also thinks they are too big to post. It seems that a lot of people are having similar problems, is another version expected out soon that will fix some of this?
  9. BTSync has stopped working entirely, without warning. It says it's linked, it claims things are synced (mostly), but they're not. When stuff changes, nothing happens. On several of my syncs, BTSync can't make up it's mind whether there are no peers (not true, the peers are on and if you click on the peer list, they show in there just fine), or "Out of sync" but it makes no attempt to transmit data and get things up to sync. This is the worst possible sort of bug for this kind of program, a silent fail for something you're depending on for backup. I think I've lost a fair bit of data because of this. I do have logfiles but your forum software won't let me upload them and I think they are too big to email. Previously I've sent logs via BTS itself but since it isn't working I don't think that will do any good. Running 1.4.103, which seems to be an enormous step backwards in every way from 1.3. I wish I'd kept a copy of the install file for that one.
  10. Which open-source alternative would that be? I haven't found one that seemed useable.
  11. I think when considering charging for BTS, you should carefully examine the history of similar mesh programs. Many current BTS users were previously on Cubby, and before that on Windows Live Mesh. Most of these users, I think, were pretty happy with WLM - I know I used it happily for years - until Microsoft abruptly shut it down. Then there was a mad dash to find a replacement, and a lot of ex WLM users ended up with Cubby. Cubby worked fairly similarly to BTS, and in some ways slightly better (eg I didn't have the problems with stuck syncs like plague BTS). So that would have been perfectly fine. Except that suddenly previously free Cubby announced that the free version was going away, and the new pay version would be a) quite costly per node and c) recurring. Unacceptable! I don't know how many Cubby users/testers left it but from the forums I got the impression there were a whole lot of them, and they left feeling cheated so much so as to blacklist the parent company, LogMeIn. So, I think that while people may in principle be willing to pay something towards BTS, and definitely businesses would for higher-end administrator-type features, ordinary users aren't willing to pay very much or recurring fees. You could probably get away with a $40 one-time fee for an in-network license (ie you only need one license for all the computers in your network, even if they don't all share every folder, so long as they connect to the network in some fashion.) And as pointed out, eventually there will come a full open-source free sync tool and many or most of the users will go there. Is that what you want to happen?
  12. I have around 8 systems with an interlocking mesh of about a dozen separate sync shares. Not all are shared on all systems. All systems are running 1.4.93; all are Windows 7 excpt for one Linux. Most of the sync shares are fairly large, up to a few hundred GB. After several weeks of indexing and transmission, all the shares are complete, with on exception. One of the Windows systems cannot complete the sync. On that system itself, it thinks it has everything. On the other peers, they think it needs another 300mb, but it isn't taking it. We tried deleting the library files on the problem system. It took several days to re-index everything, but it ended up the same way as before. Standard advice is to provide log files, but, what should be included in them? - Which system, the problem system or the peers, or both? - Log files of just anytime whe the systems are sitting there, or specifically when BTS is starting up?
  13. Thanks, I have been sending in additional information and log files as requested via email.
  14. I have 15 separate share folders, which are shared with about a dozen different computers (not all computers have all folders), with the largest folder containing 140GB. One of my folders is "stuck" on two specific files. They are ordinary PDF files, not particularly large. I have checked in the file system and there is nothing unusual about them - they are not read-only or with special permissions. But for some reason, BTS is continually attempting to upload them and apparently failing. I was using 1.2.92. Today I saw 1.3.86 so I decided to upgrade, thinking it might fix the problem. It hasn't. Instead, your useful list of files-to-upload has revealed a far worse problem - with BTS stuck on these two files, it apparently isn't syncing anything else. The "up" and "down" numbers flicker around, going up and down, but the files never complete. I am emailing my log files shortly.
  15. DIrectly syncing an iTunes library doesn't work, that's how I originally got into this game using Windows Live Mesh and then Cubby, now BTS. Apple makes it as hard as they can to do what you want. The only way I've found that it works reliably is to have a separate archive copy of the music outside of the iTunes location, which is synced using some other tool (in my case Good Sync but I've used SyncToy), and the same thing in reverse on the other end. Use BTS to connect the archive locations, and at the receiving end, use iTLU to update the iTunes library when changes are propagated. This only works on the previous version of iTunes, so I haven't upgraded, and wouldn't be effective for a frequently changing library.
  16. Sort of. I've found mine to look like that's what it's doing, and the log shows all the files as being "synced", but checking the transfer rate and traffic, it isn't actually transmitting all the files - in my case that would take a day or two. I think what it's doing is just transmitting the hashcode for each file to make sure they haven't changed, which I guess is a good practice after a reboot since you never know what might have changed while you weren't paying attention.
  17. That did the job and all syncs show as complete now, thanks!
  18. I am running a very large BTS network with over a dozen separate synced folders and involving over a dozen separate computers, only one of which has a copy of everything (it's the common backup). Some folders every system has, others only a handful. Anyway, as you'd expect it takes a LONG time to index and fully sync whenever a computer powers on. That's OK since mostly they are on all the time anyway. But I have a problem with one specific folder: it never finishes syncing. The same half-dozen or so files permanently cycle through the "Transfer" window. It seems to always be transmitting data but never getting anywhere. Observations: 1. There are folders in my network that are read-only, but the problem folder is not one of them. 2. The other folders appear to sync fully and correctly, adding new files as they are added, even while the stuck files stay stuck. 3. In the problem folder, however, the stuck files seem to cause the indexing on that particular folder to get stuck too - that is, newly added files are NOT consistently synced across the network. I know you will say "send in the logs." The trouble is that I have so many synced folders with so many thousands of files, they will be enormous and contain tons of irrlevant information. Is there a way to tell BTS to log only the activity for one specific folder? Or, is it OK if I turn on logging only after everything else has synced, let it log for a few minutes while it's stuck in the loop, then turn off logging and send in the log files? All nodes are running BTS 1.2.73.
  19. +++ Yes please! This would make straightening out "stuck" syncs soooo much easier! I still have several of those that no amount of new versions or delete/add folder resets can fix, and I'd like to know why.
  20. Re the SyncTrash/Archive issue - why can't you just use the Windows Recycle Bin? I realize this won't work for Linux/Android/other OSs, but probably the vast majority of inexperienced users will be on Windows and they are already quite familiar with how the Recycle Bin works. That would not only eliminate most potential confusion, but also allow files to be conveniently restored or disposed of in one place without any extra coding effort or user work.
  21. I did not change any of the files, at least not that I know of. The files should be the same on all machines from previous syncs, so all that should be needed is for the various nodes to index, hash, and recognize that they're the same. Occasionally new files are added. This is one of those situations where being able to see a list of the files that BTS thinks still need to sync, would be extremely useful. If I could figure out what the remaining few MB are, maybe I could deduce what is going on or at least send you more information.
  22. I'm afraid I still have this problem with v33 on all Windows machines. I sent in logs but haven't heard back>
  23. Maybe this belongs in its own thread, but in a multi-node setup, do you have to drop and re-add the affected folder on all machines? Or just the one showing as stuck? I'm trying with just the stuck node and it doesn't seem to always fix the problem all the way. Do you want the logs?
  24. Question - build 33 addresses issues with "sync stuck." Does it fix those issues simply by being installed? Or do you have to delete and re-create the stuck share? I have several in that situation, and I've upgraded to 33 but they seem still to be stuck.
  25. These are all Windows and have local admin rights so I don't think that's it, but it's certainly possibly a date got corrupted. Not sure how to fix that as the "Transfer" window does not display the full path so I've got no way to find exactly which file they are. Good thought thought, it may very well be connected.