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  1. I don't really get this. First Sync is all "please use 2.0 folders!", now I have ninety billion 2.0 folders and it's all "ADVANCED FOLDERS are for Pro users only!". Similarly, first Sync is all "auto-sync your folders across your devices! just add new ones!", then it's like "oh wait that's for Pro only".
  2. "Realtime" notifications don't everrrr work for me on Windows. Doesn't matter if I add new files, recompile existing data, or whatever else. Sometimes (placebo?) renaming files a number of times has a bit of an effect, but...
  3. It sounds like he wants to use it to automate syncing his warezed files to his local PC from his torrent box, and if his torrent program does not only move finished downloads into the synced folder but does the actual downloading there, that would re-hash and re-sync in-progress downloads all the time, wasting boundless CPU time/electricity as well as probably wasting gobloads of bandwidth.
  4. I really don't understand how this could be in the scope of this project. Ye olde TrueCrypt or your newfangled EncFS or the distributed cloud services listed sound far more like what you're looking for.
  5. Though continually retorrenting the torrents you're currently torrenting () would probaby be an incredibly waste of time and resources?
  6. Ah, my user did not have permission to write the .pid file. Now everything works, cheers And yes, I noticed the JSON errors in the sample config myself when I was first testing it. Thanks to that I now know JSON syntax again, hadn't used it in a while. By the way, while it's very forthcoming of you to also send me your replies via PM, you can see in the top right corner of this board's design that I'm subscribed to this thread
  7. Installing via the package indeed works now What does not work for me is the "<name>.<user>.{<group>.}conf" type of config. It just refuses to start as a user and not as root. If I rename the same config to "<name>.conf", it starts fine via your script. Manually launching BTSync as my desired user also works.
  8. For me it turned out to be a single file that was different on the read-only end. I deleted it on both and the sync completed successfully. I started with .130 for the record.
  9. I sent a giant log file and mentioned some other bugs and peculiarities. Hope it helps. For the record mine is "stuck" at about 109mb remaining.
  10. I wrote the error I got trying to install your .deb. I'm on Debian Unstable. x64 of course. I renamed the .dpkg-new init.d scripts to use them with the working build from the .tar.gz (which I copied into your /usr/sbin/btsync-daemon location).
  11. I set up ~/.btsync as the folder in my config (Debian), and the sync.log there now seems to have more detail. There is no separate debug.log though.
  12. From what I gather from other threads, putting IPs into the list of preset hosts defines them as "local". Might be getting this wrong though. Don't know if works at all there. I've done SSH tunneling before with my server but I don't need it for BTSync.
  13. Ideally you'd configure it per-share in the .conf JSON or even list all symlinks you want to see traversed rather than simply copied in a .SyncSymlinks file.
  14. He wrote some funky setup scripts (dpkg-configuration) that ask you to enter some initial settings (so you don't necessarily have to write your own JSON). His default binary path was "/usr/sbin/btsync-daemon" on my system, rather than for example keeping the binary named "btsync". His /etc/init.d/ scripts didn't work for me, don't know if that's because the setup ultimately failed for me or because of something being wrong with his script or.... His launch script also makes sure you have "check_for_updates" : false, else it refuses to start.
  15. So you added the respective other computer via "known_hosts"? With lan_use_tcp you should not need to complicatedly route UDP traffic.
  16. Is it just me or is it painfully obvious why it's a bad idea? I'm sharing files with my friend, obviously these need to be owned by his user on his PC and by my user on my PC... Speaking of platform-specific data (ACL) not getting lost on other platforms, has a very sexy approach.
  17. In the AeroFS community, there's been a debate for months with the more techie users wanting the exact opposite - that the symlinks themselves are transferred. You can read a sample here: http://support.aerof...-symbolic-links So in that way, BTSync "supports" symlinks flawlessly right now.
  18. Unpacking btsync (from btsync_1.0.125-1_amd64.deb) ... dpkg: dependency problems prevent configuration of btsync: btsync depends on libc6 (>> 2.15); however: Version of libc6:amd64 on system is 2.13-38. dpkg: error processing btsync (--install): dependency problems - leaving unconfigured Errors were encountered while processing: btsync ^<- didn't work on my Debian. is out now btw, the build there did work for me