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  1. If all individual users in the Family versions sees all shares, then this is identical to simply using the same profile on all family devices, regardless who is using that device. What does the Family version offer over the Home Pro version?
  2. We use Resilio in the office, with a single server as the intersection point of all shared folders. On that server rclone runs once an hour to back up data to Backblaze B2. It's very efficient and quite cheap. So far our B2 bill is pretty consistently between $2 and $5/month. Let me know if you want example scripts and so on.
  3. I've noticed that Resilio now only runs on my Linux box while I'm actually SSH'd in. This seems to be a new development, and I'm not sure how it would have happened. Is this a setting that can be tweaked or is there something more funky going on?
  4. You misunderstood me. A 100% matter, meaning a 100% priority. Your interpretation is a truism—of course it is not possible.
  5. One thing you could do that would provide value for the price charged is to give PRO users the ability to share individual files and folders with web links. This would mean that a file or folder would have to be routed through a server that downloads the file and retransmits it over HTTP. This would be great when one needs to share a single file or folder with someone who either don't have (or aren't allowed to install) Sync, or to whom you only want to give that one file as a once off.
  6. Top comment on the Hacker News thread: I love BT Sync, and will most likely continue to use it, but the author has a point. As long as the implementation details remain unpublished, it's impossible to verify your claims. Therefore, the people for whom security is a 100% matter, not a 99% matter, best choose a solution that allows, and can withstand, scrutiny.