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  1. Right… For most people, "native" on MacOS would mean a desktop application, compiled to the correct architecture. If it's running translated/emulated, or it's not the desktop application, it wouldn't count as "native" in a strict sense of the word.

    Compare, would users of Outlook, Lightroom, Photoshop, or any other app be happy with the answer "just get the mobile app"?

    With all that said, Resilio Sync hasn't historically received updates very quickly, even when the architecture wasn't changed, so we might have to sit tight for a while for a native build.

  2. @eldrin @fnordsensei @Moe

    Thank you for thorough explanation. Actually, it was too confusing for vast majority of users to choose between identity creation and linking existing one at the first start, so we have to choose lesser of two evils.


    I admit that it is not optimal at the moment and has a great space for improvement. Our UX engineers will get this feedback for sure.


    That's really odd. It doesn't have to be weirder than this:



    Just replace "Dropbox" with "Bittorrent Sync" and "account" with "identity".


    Edit: Also, thanks for listening to the feedback.

  3. Sorry, I do not understand what is the problem with entering the license on Free Sync.


    It's pretty simple: it's counterintuitive that you have to create an identity and then get rid of that identity in favor of the one you wanted to use from the start. Look at what the user wants to achieve in this context: Start the newly installed program, enter a license and watch the correct folders appear.


    It took me some time to understand how to do this on a new machine as well and I'm a UX designer—I stare at weird design solutions all day. There is a problem, whether perceived or not. If in doubt, get some users in and do some usage testing.

  4. I use an Ubuntu server as my main target for BTS shares. I recently started getting back damaged files from it. 


    Amongst other things, I have a wallpaper share, and this is one of the wallpapers from there. As you can see, it's not feeling too well. A lot of the images look like this, but not all.




    Checking in on the shares, I now see that there are two "pictures" shares (which is where I keep the wallpapers). One is Pictures, and the others is Pictures (1). Looking into the web admin of BTS on the Ubuntu server, I see that the only share present is the Pictures (1). 


    A couple of questions arises: what has happened, why has it happened, and what do I do about it? Will you be needing a log? 

  5. There are some things with Bittorrent Sync 2.0 that are really weird, but I'm not exactly sure whether they are UX problems or programming errors. I've recently reinstalled OS X on my Macbook, and BTS becomes unresponsive and crashes a lot. Connecting and disconnecting folders will make the program crash, for example. That is a functional problem, I'm sure.


    However, it also does stuff like this:



    I.e., it uses all available processor cycles to do seemingly nothing. The status row is completely empty, nothing is being transferred. Today is day two since reinstalling OS X, and it still hasn't actually started to sync back the content in question, I think. I say "I think", because it's not really telling me what's going on. The event log shows that it indexed something half an our ago. The UI is locked up with the spinning ball of doom (does the UI run in the same thread as the rest of the program logic?).


    Overall, I feel like BTS 2.0 has some really great features, but it feels less reliable and it seems harder to understand what's going on than in 1.4, which obscures the great stuff that I'm sure is in there.

  6. Sometimes the contextual menu sync options disappear. In this case, I'm syncing the system standard "movies" folder from my mac from other devices, but I have it set on partial sync on the mac. From this folder in particular, the sync options disappear, while they appear for other partial syncs that I also have.


    How do I get them back for the movies folder?





    Another share:


  7. > the people for whom security is a 100% matter, not a 99% matter, best choose a solution that allows, and can withstand, scrutiny.


    Oh, please. Just stop.


    (I apologize in advance because this is me writing when I'm tired and a little more cranky than usual. Please don't take any of this personally.)


    100% security is a lie. It's a myth. It doesn't exist.


    You misunderstood me. A 100% matter, meaning a 100% priority. Your interpretation is a truism—of course it is not possible.

  8. One thing you could do that would provide value for the price charged is to give PRO users the ability to share individual files and folders with web links.


    This would mean that a file or folder would have to be routed through a server that downloads the file and retransmits it over HTTP. This would be great when one needs to share a single file or folder with someone who either don't have (or aren't allowed to install) Sync, or to whom you only want to give that one file as a once off.

  9. I can't use or pay for 2.0 even if I want to. I can't tell all the people around me whom I've recommended Sync to, to upgrade to a version that they need to pay for. Therefore, I'm stuck at 1.4, since I won't be able to upgrade my entire network of friends and colleagues to 2.0, and I share folders with them. I. e., the 10 folder limit will make it useless for them, and not all will want to pay for the additional features.

  10. This is just too poorly executed. We should have been your greatest advocates, potentially bringing it into companies and to people around us. No amount of advertising can beat a large, vocal and happy user base. You built that quite well during the beta period, and now you seem quite determined to flush it down the toilet.


    Go and study Evernote, and take notes (perhaps using Evernote) on how they grew their paying user base. They started with a very large and very satisfied free user base. 


    The idea is that we want you to use Evernote forever. Once you’re using it, we want you to keep using it, and it’s more important that you stay than you pay us. We want the engagement. The longer you use it, the higher the perceived value gets. And the higher the perceived value, the more [likely that] you’re willing to pay. It’s up to us to make something that you want to pay for. 


    They don't do this by crippling their product. Go and read up on them. http://allthingsd.com/20131226/evernote-ceo-phil-libin-on-turning-loyal-users-into-paying-customers/

  11. The 10 folder restriction is a really poor business decision. I think this may actually cause a mass exodus.


    It's better to have people using your product than that of a competitor, after all. If they do, they remain a potential upgrade. If they move to a competitor, they are much less likely to come back even if they suddenly need the Pro features. Placeholder files is a great example of a Pro feature. The artificial share restriction is just weird. There's no added value, just diminished value.


    Make 2.0 free version to be on par with 1.4, or live with the consequences. Make this decision quickly, people are already stirring.

  12. Top comment on the Hacker News thread:


    > BitTorrent Sync remains the most secure and private way to to move data between two or more devices.

    That very first sentence will always be false as long as it isn't open source. (Even the protocol isn't publicly documented, last I checked.) I'm not an open-source purist, but the way they always promote as being the most secure, private option out there while completely ignoring that fact is frustrating.

    I haven't tried using it, but Pulse[0] appears to be an open source replacement for BitTorrent Sync. I figure it's relevant to this thread.

    [0]: https://ind.ie/pulse/

    EDIT: ef4 mentioned Syncthing in his comment. Pulse was forked from Syncthing. I think they're still compatible with each other at the moment. Nice explanation at https://discourse.syncthing.net/t/syncthing-is-still-syncthi....


    I love BT Sync, and will most likely continue to use it, but the author has a point. As long as the implementation details remain unpublished, it's impossible to verify your claims. Therefore, the people for whom security is a 100% matter, not a 99% matter, best choose a solution that allows, and can withstand, scrutiny.

  13. +1 on this one. Sounds scary. The conclusions section from the article:



    5. TL;DR & Conclusions
    • Probable leak of all hashes to getsync.com and access for BitTorrent Inc to all shared data.
    • Change of sharing paradigm that introduced this vulnerability happened after the first releases. This may be the result of NSL (National Security Letters, from US Government to businesses to pressure them in giving out the keys or introducing vulnerabilities to compromise previously secure systems) that could have been received by BitTorrent Inc and/or developers.
    • Leak about the private network addresses of clients that gives indication about where and what to attack.
    • Probable multiple vulnerabilities of the clients.
    • Bottom line: Do not use for sensitive data.


    Discussion on Hacker News: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=8618067

  14. Feature Request : Generate Links with the key witch open the app. (like e2dk:// links).

    For faster and easier adding new keys.

    Already implemented


    btsync://secret doesn't do anything on my machine (OS X, Safari/Chrome). Does it really register the protocol?

    Also, I'd like to encode a default directory as well, to make it easy for my coworkers to add new folders with a single click, like so: