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  1. Come to think of it, I don't think the "master" has been brought online since the update. Would that have something to do with it?
  2. No, there's literally no change in content at all from before 1.1.12 and after. I have neither been adding nor subtracting any files, all I did was to update the client.
  3. In the latest update, it seems that read only shares don't hash. The last share in the attached image is a share that has several gigabytes of data in it, but it doesn't get hashed by BT Sync.
  4. Is this a stopgap solution? Just skipping could lead to some seriously broken stuff. Perhaps there should at least be a list somewhere in the UI that tells you what is not being synced, and why, so that you can change it? In particular, the sending machine needs to be informed of this so that they can choose to fix those files and folders.
  5. I think maybe it was question marks, or perhaps quotes. Anyway, I'm sure it'll be worked out. Since files can be identified via hash, it should be very possible to have the same file have slightly different names on different computers, and still be identified as the same file. Don't worry though, the bug has been reported and I've received a confirmation that it's lodged in their Zendesk instance.
  6. Indeed, 134 it is! The log does report errors, in particular: The directory name is invalid. I think maybe the directory name contains a character that is valid on OS X, but invalid on Windows. The share is read-only, originates on OS X, and is copied to Windows. I suppose the continuous download could be BT Sync retrying the download, forever. I've emailed the error log.
  7. Hello! I've run into a weird problem where it seems that BT Sync keeps sending data forever, but the data is not actually used for anything. It'll keep receiving like this forever. Usually it eats 1-3mb/s of my bandwidth, it's unusually slow now for some reason. Note that the counter down to the right says that nothing is being transmitted. If I look at the shared folder, it is stuck at having 169.6 mb to go, forever. So, what's happening here?
  8. That is good to know, thanks! Yes of course, I wouldn't be keeping my clocks unsynchronized on purpose.
  9. So does this mean that I can accidentally overwrite all other peers if my local clock is set in the future? Or similarly, I can get all my data overwritten if my local clock is set in the past (which can happen after a CMOS reset for example)?
  10. Quick question: does BT Sync use local time as a timestamp, or are all files timestamped using some centralized chronometric service?
  11. It seems to me that this would be way more portable if the hashes were stored along with the .syncID. That way, if the files, hashes and syncID disappeared all at the same time, a drive has probably been unplugged. But if the hash and syncID is there, but the file is not, it has probably been deleted.
  12. Alright, thanks for your overwhelming insight ;-) I tried it out in practice, and it seems that using a single folder to sync to regardless of operating system booted seems to work. Of course, I can't be sure as there may be issues I'm not aware of.
  13. If I have more than one operating system (Win/OSX/Linux) running on the same machine, is it safe it allow them to sync to the same folders on a shared drive? It'd be nice to not have duplicate folders on the same machine.
  14. Yeah! You'd save the disk space and the transfer time. Less saturation for everyone! \o/
  15. Well, I'm sure you'd know better than me what type of link to use I'm thinking it wouldn't have to hash everything on the file system, just look through the hashes it already knows of from other sources before syncing the same thing again. Let's say I have synced file X from person A. Then I add a directory from person B. If person B also shares file X (known to be identical by looking at hash), hardlink to file X from person A and pretend that it has been synced. The reason I am proposing this is amongst other things that we're thinking of using BT Sync within the company I work for, and there are a lot of duplicate files floating around - duplicated between different projects and whatnot.
  16. It would be nice to have an option that's like "Regardless of source, do not sync stuff that is already present on the computer. Create a symlink instead." (i.e., If a file has a hash that matches a file that is already synced from another source, symlink to that file instead of downloading a duplicate. If the symlinked file moves or disappears, remove symlink and sync file). Eliminating duplicates from multiple sources :-)
  17. I wish the wishes that are in the pipeline were available on a Trello board :-)