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  1. Has windows service been added yet?
  2. Has Windows service been implimented in the latest version yet?
  3. with this version does it finally have Windows Service Install?
  4. How is this not in the software yet? Honestly can a rep please talk to and explain how this is Not added in the software. please
  5. When is the service feature going to be added to sync? Pleae honestly can i get a build that it will be added Pretty please Please
  6. service please. still kind of shocked this was not automatically in the software
  7. Any more update on this year long suppose to be added feature?
  8. When is the bittorrent sync service coming?
  9. any plans on making sync a service in windows?
  10. i keep looking around at the settings i cannot find set sync as service. i found startup at windows start but nothing about a setting as a service. I know this software has a setting like this someplace. seems like a must have for a syncing software? Maybe the naming of the option is different then what i am looking for?
  11. Get over here Harold Feit now don't be scared i am just going to give you a sexy kiss! since the software has been released i have been trying to get this to work. Just to let you know i might get a little handsy while i kiss you
  12. i would upload a screen shot of it but it seems this forum does not allow that this is what is under the Preferences Tab of BitTorrent Sync: Device name is : pc-330-01 show notiifcations for completed downloads===Check start bittorrent sync when windows starts=====Check Listening Port==========================8080 Use NAT UPnP port mapping==============Check Language=============================English Check for updates automatically============Check Limit download rate to (kB/s)===============0 Limit Upload Rate to=====================0 ###under the "Advanced..." tab disk low priority=========================True folder rescan interval====================600 lan encrypt data========================true lan use tcp============================true max file size diff for patching==============1000 max file size for versioning================1000 rate limit local peers=====================false sync max time diff=======================600 sync trash ttl===========================30
  13. I put because i do not know the listening port how do i find out a computers "listening port"?
  14. I do not know what multicast forwarding is, so i could make the assumption that is a no on that I am guessing what you mean by "Have you tried adding a predefined host for the connection?" as going into the "Folder Preferences" and manually adding the IP address of the other pc in the "Hosts" section then yes i have added the ip address to both computers.
  15. Issue and hoping for a straightforward detailed answer if possible, I am not a networking savvy person. I have a pc with the ip address in one of our sites: That pc can talk see and sync with a pc in the same range: But when pc does not see or sync with pc at another site. Both are on the same domain and can ping each other. I set the listening port to 8080 on all devices. What settings can I change on Bittorrent Sync so that pc can sync with pc please
  16. that was not the issue with in our domain computers within a site are able to sync but computers at a different site unders the same domain cannot see each other
  17. It is great to see all the updates, also congrats on the update to beta any head way on the sync working on the lan but not the wan?
  18. computers inside the LAN talk to each other but computers talking through WAN do not?
  19. Changed the "Lan_Use_TCP" to "true" still having the same issue
  20. The Windows firewall is turned off on all our computers. We have a corporate firewall to the outside world traffic. I guess i am asking for a simple answer if it is possible what do i tell our IT Firewall people to open up so that the computers can talk to each other between the domain controllers?
  21. I keep getting pointed to this link for the fix to my issue but i am not fully sure what we need to do to fix the issue. i do not fully understand how this could be a firewall issue if computers inside the same domain controller can see each other. This is the issue: we have 6 domain controller servers under one domain computers connected the domain controller site sync with each other no issue But between sites the sync software does not see each other. why? cant be a firewall issue because the computer talk to each other at that site without any adjustment of our domain firewall. the only issue is if PC from Site A does not see PC from Site B in the BitTorrent Sync software. why? how do i get these computers to talk to each other?
  22. How could it be a firewall issue if computer inside the same domain controller can see each other?