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  1. I thank the program just needs a little more time. After a month or so they may have the bugs worked out. i have tried all the settings I don't thank im doing any thing wrong,. I mean there are only a few choices I don't see how I could mess any thing up. Im sure it will be a great program guys just give it time to get patched. It shows arrows not clouds so I know im staying within my lan.
  2. I changed it to tcp and it shows they are connection on the lan and not the cloud. I turned upnp off. I don't know what else to to do I don't know what you mean by "Try adding the peer addresses directly in the advanced settings of the shares" I see not place to do that, any way to generate a log file. If not I can do screen shots. I had to shut it down. its been going all day and night and only transferred about 20 gigs if that.
  3. encryption is off I tryed with UDP and TCP. Should I disable upnp in my router? I'm only using one dhcp so all on same subnet. I don't know about indexing it did it for like 10 mins but I read other places it can take a long time. So find out IP address from dhcp and put them all in? Under advanced? Thanks
  4. AMD Phenom II X6 1090T Processor, Black Edition Ssd 128 drive is sata 3 and contoler on board.16 gigs of DDR 3 Other is x6 phenom ii. 6 core none black. 8 gigs of ram. Labtop is core 2 duo 2 gigs of ram. Wife just called did speed test its crawling now getting like 1mb down. On internet. I don't think the traffing is staying in the lan
  5. Kps is what I wanted to type sorry auto correct. with out btsync about a gig per 7 mins. around 30-45 mins with btsync. All clients connected show arrows.
  6. I all love the sync program so far. However the kph is very slow it tops out at 1.5 to 1.7 but on average gose about 500kph one system is using wireless g at 54mb other is using 100mb hard wire connection. I have a 300n repeater on my 3rd system. If all 3 systems go it goes down to about 150kph. I turned on upnp in my router. Dont think that matters for lan transfers. Turned off encryption For plan transfers. The speed seems very slow. Or is that about right. When I transfer via the lan manual I can push a gig file in around 7 mins Or a little less.