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  1. Hi All, I am not sure if this is an issue or just normal behaviour that I am finding odd. So before I start delving into reproducing it I wanted to know if this is worth reporting. I have three machines A,B,C. Each of the files has a Videos directory (Directory 1). Machines A and B have some files in the Videos directory. Some of the files may be the same. Total size of the files 34Gb I set the sync client on all three machines and I let it run. A day after I decide to sync another directory between Machines B and C (Directory 2). I set up the secret and I wait for a few hours. Then I am surprised to see that there are no files on the second directory. Machines A and B are ubuntu. Machine C is a mac. Here is what the different machines UIs say. Machine A: - Transfer still in progress to and from machines B and C Directory 1. Machine B: - Transfer still in progress to and from machines B and C Directory 1. - Size of Directory 2 is recognised but no transfer. Machine C: - Directory 1: reports 30Gb - Directory 2: reports 0 My questions are: - Do/Can the transfers for the two directories happen in parallel? - I re-niced the process on Machine A, old machine avoiding fan noise in my room. Would that be likely cause for the delay? - Is it possible that because some filenames where the same on machine A and B to start with the client picks up changes in the file that it is making and re-syncs the file or part of the file? Any help would be appreciated. PS: I was looking for the source of the client so I can understand better how it all works. Is it on github? Kind regards.