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  1. I'm using latest Sync 2.5.13 on Windows 10 64bit, not as a service. Everything works fine, except for one minor annoyance I just can't figure out: The Sync Main Window opens up on every startup, and I then have to manually close it to hide sync in the tray area. A search on this Forum resulted in two things: Add /MINIMIZED to the Run entries in the registry. When I checked them, they already had that by default. The other thing I found out was that if I manually exit Sync before rebooting/shutting down, the main window does not show up on the next boot. But manually closing Sync before every shutdown is even more tedious then closing the Window on every boot. Is there really no way to make it respect the /MINIMIZED option no matter what? Why does that even happen, does it not properly handle shutting down on system shutdown?
  2. Are there any versioned download links? Having no version number in the download link, preferably in the filename, makes it impossible to properly package this for various distributions.
  3. Hello, I created a Qt5 based GUI for btsync. It should work on all 3 major operating system. Except for selective sync, which will be added at some point, the ui supports every feature the API currently exposes. Binaries for windows can be found on my github releases page: You need the visual studio 2013 x86 redistributable for the prebuilt release to work: You also have to place the installed btsync.exe next to the btsyncqt.exe for it to find it. Currently it's not possible to connect to an existing btsync instance, but this functionality will be added in the future. The sync storage is located in %LOCALAPPDATA%\btsync-qt\sync_storage Compiling on linux is straight forward, provided you have cmake and Qt5, and its development files, installed: mkdir build && cd buildcmake -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release -DBTSYNC_BINARY_DEFAULT_PATH=/path/to/your/btsync/binary ..make -j3I also have an ebuild for this available in my gentoo overlay: The ebuild is called net-p2p/btsync-qt Make sure you have the gui useflag enabled for it to build the ui. The github repository also contains an entire api wrapper and btsync client management api for use with Qt5, but i will create a seperate post about that in the development section soon.
  4. Are there no versioned download links anymore? If not, that's extremely annoying for packaging btsync, as there is no fixed url for a specific version anymore.
  5. I'd like to know the same and couldn't find an answer so far.
  6. No idea how the current download links could be any more direct. The point directly onto the archive file.
  7. Most likely DHT will still populate its tables and will connect to dozens of semi-random machines around the world. As long as there's not a sigificant amount of data transfered to these IPs, it's absolutely no problem.
  8. My guess is that there are "," missing after the first two shared folders.
  9. Ok. I just disabled the upload limit, which i set to 450kb/s to avoid it blocking the entire connection, and now it's uploading at full speed. If i re-enable the limit, it starts going much much slower than the limit actualy is, but it's realy jumpy then, sometimes using the limit, sometimes just using 20kb/s.
  10. No, i'm not touching any files in the synced dir. Souldn't be a problem on linux anyway, as there's no file locking like it is in Windows. Edit: checked a little longer in the file, it's not always the same files that error, it progresses through the files, but it's always 3~5 which give that errors.
  11. Here'a part of the log(chopped the IDs): Contains a strange error, but also looks like it's uploading the images, one by one, and re-establishes a new connection each time. Wouldn't it be more efficient to upload multiple(small) files at the same time, to keep the connection busy?
  12. CPUs are nearly idle on both machines. Are the share IDs listed in the log safe to post, or do they give access to my shares?
  13. I'm currently doing the initial upload of ~20GB of data. I got ~5Mbit/s upload, and i also made sure that btsync is directly connecting to the server i'm uploading to. Sometimes i get the full 5Mbps, but most of the time it's only at ~0.5Mbps(50kbyte/s) or even less. The 20GB are in some bigger files, some thousand photos(3-8MB each) and also a lot realy small text files. ~12k files in total. What could be causing this slow transfer speed? The upload is gona take forever this way. I'm using it on amd64 linux, both client and "server".
  14. I'm using gentoo, so i made an ebuild + init script for btsync. If someone wants to use it, it's on my overlay: It has an init-script and conf.d file, so you can start btsync as system daemon on startup. The configuration file for the system daemon resides in /etc/btsync.conf You have to configure the user(most likely your normal system user) as which btsync is run in /etc/conf.d/btsync The only real important setting is the pidfile, as the init system relies on it to be created in the right place, so don't change the preset path.