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  1. i want to use the BTSync's API key , i want to buy the BTSync's API key,but no anyone response to me ! BTSync's seller ,please contact to me ! [removed contact details]
  2. if i use API to control the BTSync, in Windows XP ,the 1.4 shouldn't use IE,didn't it? i use 1.4 version BTSync, it's often crash, the new version 1.4.99 fix this bug?
  3. Hi,everybody: now i use the API to control BTSync1.4.*,i found everytime the BTSync will start IE,but last version BTSync isn't work like this, how can i use the API to control BTSync1.4.* like last version work? don't execute IE?
  4. I found use "DHT",BTSync doesn't work now,if i use predefined hosts,BTSync can work,BTSync can accept how many peer ? if all peer connect to one predefined hosts,is this good idea?the peer can quick connect to other BTSync peer,but the predefined hosts can support this opetate?
  5. Thank you ,I have checked the API documentation,but not have those option!
  6. hi,i want to use api to control BTSync's option: 1,"start BitTorrent Sync when Windows starts" 2,"Check for updates automatically" How can i get and set those option? Thank you very much!
  7. I am in china,some time ago,i found BTSync couldn't find peer,when i check DHT option,it can find peer ,but very slow,why?how can i let BTSync quickly find peer?
  8. I use API control BTSync ,when i use “AddFolder” function,success result is "{ "result": 0 }",it's not "{ "error": 0 }",is that is a bug?
  9. Thank you ,i know why BTSync didn't run,because the config file , // path to folder where Sync will store its internal data, // folder must exist on disk "storage_path" : "/Users/user/.SyncAPI", i set this use the folder that on my disk,before i didn't notice this option,now BTSync can start! right setting is : "storage_path" : "your disk's folder",//the folder must exist on your disk
  10. I want to use API control BTSync,now i get the API Key,but i didn't success develop the program that use API ,if you have success develop the program ,please give me an example ,thank you very much! my email: or
  11. Thank you BitTorrent Sync Staff, but i realy not receive the key email,please send me again,my email:
  12. I have check two email's SPAM folder,but still not receive the key email,why? who can give me the key?